Monday, February 7, 2011

My Roots in The Iron Game & Iron Truth

Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors - Volume I by Randy Roach

This is a MUST BUY! This is my most cherished book.

Randy and I exchanged emails quite a few times before Christmas. I was blown away by this book. I LOVE it! The kind of love you feel for something prized and cherished and held with the utmost respect.

Not the type of love I feel for peanut butter and chocolate.

It would make me very happy if Randy received a slew of inquiries and orders as a result of this post.

He does not think that he has very many female fans or that many people are interested in the history of the Iron Game.

In the notes section just let them know that Krista sent you.

Not at all true. Perhaps the information just has not gotten out to the right people at the right time.

Randy plans on bringing out more books and continuing the history of the Iron Game. But sadly, he lost his sight during the making of Muscle Smoke and Mirrors Volume 1. Volume 2 (The Women) will be out but it will take much longer than planned as his research methods have had to change and it is much more time consuming.

He may have lost his vision but he is going to complete his vision.

Let him know you too are a lover of the Iron Game.

It is my roots and thus always a part of me.

How ironic that as I speak of my roots in the Iron Game I was emailed yesterday about a new website,, where some of my old and original articles have been republished. It is very cool to be listed with greats like Bob Whelan, who gave me my 1st opportunity to write online back in 1999, John McCallum, Arthur Jones and Stuart McRobert.

PS - Bonus mark if you know who is on the front of the book WITHOUT googling.


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