Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DE Client Keeps Pushing to the Next Level

BEFORE - Nov 2008 - 210 lbs

AFTER - May 2009 - 190 lbs

A recent Defining Edge client and Precision Nutrition Lean Eating graduate continues to push himself to the limit with Eric Cressey - well he's certainly pushing something!

An obvious glutton for punishment, Roger made an impressive transformation through a combination of the Lean Eating's daily lessons and tasks and a supportive community at Precision Nutrition and Definnig Edge's personalized protocols aimed to get him that 6 pack abs he asked for. In addition, Roger simply likes to learn as much as he can.

As you can see by this most recent Cressey Intern "Learning Session", Roger is thankful at least that he endured 3 months of Defining Edge strength and conditioning workouts. Otherwise he would have been a total embarassment.

Awesome work Roger! Keep the bucket nearby.