Thursday, August 25, 2011



Throughout LE I routinely get emails asking "how do I start again?", "where do I start?".

The RESTARTING thing is a great one to apply to REFRAMING.

You are not really restarting but rather recommitting to your original goals and shifting your focus and your priorities.

You are making a CHOICE to put your goals and the LE program higher on the prioritiy list - your "essentials".

And what to do?

It is VERY simple and effective and I think many of you are surprised at the answer. You may want more. You may expect something more "steps 1 through 7", but it is JUST THIS:


That's all we want you to do EVERY DAY in Lean Eating and day by day, week by week, habit by habit, you will TRANSFORM.

If you let a day go by, that's OK, just make sure the next day to do these 2 things:


Perhaps a week has gone by or many weeks... what to do?



Sure you can, but not until you have taken care of your ESSENTIALS first:

THE BIG 3 (workout, lesson, habit)


It is a tool for you on your Lean Eating journey. You do not have to be highly active in the forum.

If it will benefit you, then make it a part of your Essentials (a daily part of your life).

If you have a question, want to connect with your team or you have something you want to share or discuss, then the forums are there for you.

DO NOT carry guilt about your amount of participation in the forums. Guilt only helps propel you to action. It should be short-lived and it should lead to positive action that helps you accomplish your goals.

Let the guilt GO and replace it with action.


If you have a pattern of starting / stopping... of being highly active and committed then not so much...

USE your resources in LE - one of which includes your Coach.

It can be something as simple as making it part of your ESSENTIALS to send me an update every week.

You may have a question. You may want a strategy. You may simply need an unbiased ear.

I am here to guide you. I will always meet you at least half way. But you have to make an effort to make that connection also.

I will not judge. I will not force.

Do not assume and do not be afraid.

We have many months yet left it Lean Eating. It is NEVER too late to reach your goals. Do not let that be an obstacle to attaining your AWESOMENESS!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Dharma = Good Karma

Get your Dharma on!

No not this one...

This one...

To help you further in your Lean Eating journey, consider observing the Essential 10 Rules of Dharma in your life:



Dharma is the path of righteousness and living one's life according to the codes of conduct as described by the Hindu scriptures.

Moral Law of the World

Hinduism describes dharma as the natural universal laws whose observance enables humans to be contented and happy, and to save himself from degradation and suffering. Dharma is the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that guides one's life. Hindus consider dharma the very foundation of life. It means "that which holds" the people of this world and the whole creation. Dharma is the "law of being" without which things cannot exist.

According to the Scriptures

Dharma refers to the religious ethics as propounded by Hindu gurus in ancient Indian scriptures. Tulsidas, author of Ramcharitmanas, has defined the root of dharma as compassion. This principle was taken up by Lord Buddha in his immortal book of great wisdom, Dhammapada. The Atharva Veda describes dharma symbolically: Prithivim dharmana dhritam, that is, "this world is upheld by dharma". In the epic poem Mahabharata, the Pandavas represent dharma in life and the Kauravas represent adharma.

Good Dharma = Good Karma

Hinduism accepts the concept of reincarnation, and what determines the state of an individual in the next existence is karma which refers to the actions undertaken by the body and the mind. In order to achieve good karma it is important to live life according to dharma, what is right. This involves doing what is right for the individual, the family, the class or caste and also for the universe itself. Dharma is like a cosmic norm and if one goes against the norm it can result in bad karma. So, dharma affects the future according to the karma accumulated. Therefore one's dharmic path in the next life is the one necessary to bring to fruition all the results of past karma.

What Makes You Dharmic?

Anything that helps human being to reach god is dharma and anything that hinders human being from reaching god is adharma. According to the Bhagavat Purana, righteous living or life on a dharmic path has four aspects: austerity (tap), purity (shauch), compassion (daya) and truthfulness (satya); and adharmic or unrighteous life has three vices: pride (ahankar), contact (sangh), and intoxication (madya). The essence of dharma lies in possessing a certain ability, power and spiritual strength. The strength of being dharmic also lies in the unique combination of spiritual brilliance and physical prowess.

The 10 Rules of Dharma

Manusmriti written by the ancient sage Manu, prescribes 10 essential rules for the observance of dharma: Patience (dhriti), forgiveness (kshama), piety or self control (dama), honesty (asteya), sanctity (shauch), control of senses (indraiya-nigrah), reason (dhi), knowledge or learning (vidya), truthfulness (satya) and absence of anger (krodha). Manu further writes, "Non-violence, truth, non-coveting, purity of body and mind, control of senses are the essence of dharma". Therefore dharmic laws govern not only the individual but all in society.

The Purpose of Dharma

The purpose of dharma is not only to attain a union of the soul with the supreme reality, it also suggests a code of conduct that is intended to secure both worldly joys and supreme happiness. Rishi Kanda has defined dharma in Vaisesika as "that confers worldly joys and leads to supreme happiness". Hinduism is the religion that suggests methods for the attainment of the highest ideal and eternal bliss here and now on earth and not somewhere in heaven. For example, it endorses the idea that it is one's dharma to marry, raise a family and provide for that family in whatever way is necessary. The practice of dharma gives an experience of peace, joy, strength and tranquillity within one's self and makes life disciplined.

Thank you LE Coach Cynthia for pointing me in the direction of dharma.

STEALING? No, SHARING! Blissipline

Sometimes I find something SO GOOD I wish I would have written it myself. What's great is I don't have to... I can simply LEND IT FORWARD which is a part of the Precision Nutrition's Community Code of Ethics.

I’ll pay it forward

“If someone helps me by answering a question or providing a resource, I’ll do my best to pay it forward by helping someone else. I recognize that this will lead to a more rewarding personal experience for me, and strengthen my ability to succeed. I understand that in lending support to others, I ensure that the community remains helpful and positive.”


Yes. You read it right. Blisscipline. Do you want bliss?

Do you want to lead a life full of bliss? Yes?! Well then, it takes discipline. Blisscipline. It takes work. Dedication. Belief. So often, we give up because we don’t see results as fast as we’d like. We try and try, and then become frustrated and restless with either ourselves or the situation we’re expecting to just show up at our door. Yes, life should flow relatively easy, but you have to work hard to get where you want. You have to be smart about it. Do you want to be a writer? Well, then start writing. Do you want to be a pianist? A professional soccer player? A master chef? A photographer? Well then, start practicing. Yeah you’re probably gonna suck when you start out (maybe not if you’re lucky!) – but that’s the beauty of it. You get to see how far you’ve come. And you get to laugh really hard at yourself looking back. That’s one of my favourite things about learning something new. I’ve learned to START laughing at myself when I begin something new, because it makes the whole process easier, especially when I know I will be laughing at the end of it. You might as well!

If ever I start out at something I know I’m going to almost embarrass myself at, I like to think of it as practice. As an experience that can only get better. Like my first time singing in front of 100 peeps. I still to this day cannot watch the video of myself doing it because I’m too embarrassed! Worried of how awful I sounded! But the cool thing? I can only get better. And I tried. Not everyone has the guts to stick their head out. But that’s how you get to where you want in life. By taking the risk. Sticking with it. Giving it your all. Putting your heart into everything you want. You gotta put love into it. Pour love into it. You have to be blissciplined. Wanting bliss? Then decide what you want, believe you will have it and work as hard as you can to get there. Stay focused. Stay blissciplined.

Sometimes I get asked why I blog. Why I spend hours upon hours every week, pouring my heart into this. Why? Because I love it. It is now, who I am. I can’t see myself without it. I want to be a writer, so I write. I want to be a yogi, so I practice yoga. I want to be the best I can be, so I be the best I can be RIGHT NOW. I’m starting now. And I might not be the greatest at everything I’m trying, but I have to start somewhere. I choose to start here. You have this choice too. We all do. We can choose to be or do what we want. We just have to try. To stick our heads out. And sometimes this comes with some uncomfortable vulnerability, but that’s life. Go after it. You have this choice!

We have a choice every moment we get up. To live this day to it’s fullest. It’s called the present, because it’s just that – a gift (Thanks for this, Steph’s voicemail box!). So make the most of it. Make the most of your time each day. Do what you love, or what you know you will love. Whatever your heart desires – just do that. It’s simple, really.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lean Eating Gathering - California - November 19/20

I am super excited to announce registration is now OPEN to January 2011 Lean Eating for Women teams.

You can look forward to a life-altering weekend!


Seminar spots are limited and individual services sell out fast so act quickly!

See you there!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Celebrating my Birthday - Lean & Local Style


The ladies in my Lean Eating team (Iron Phoenix) predicted I would celebrate with an odd lift of reps equalling my age. Close!

Close! Bench press is not really an odd lift, but a favorite and I did use my bodyweight rather than my age, but still challenging. Now my bodyweigh for 37 reps would have been cool. Maybe next year!

Here's how I celebrated:

I started with a bodyweight bench press challenge with my good friend Ashley Werner of Ignite Performance. I was pleased with my 18 reps at a bodyweight of 145 lbs. This is 2 reps above my personal best.

I then broke my fast of many months from desserts with a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cone (waffle cone) at Hewitt's Dairy, a local dairy establishment that is a blast from the past.

Following that was a Lean & Local shopping tour around the county in search of amazing local food finds. I will soon be cooking up an amazing dinner for myself and my #1 guy.

On the menu:

* Venison steaks and turkey & chive sausage from Thyme 'n Toil Organic Farm right down the road
* Rainbow swiss chard and cherry tomatoes (3 colours) also from Thyme 'n Toil
* Jensen's Feta cheese & Hewitt's 4 year old cheddar
* Richardson Farm's fresh corn & peaches
* Flax sour dough bread fresh from Hagersville Bakery
* My dad's homemade red wine
* Goat's milk buttter and local homo milk sold in a glass container from Hewitt's Health Food Store

I also picked up some local honey (from Madsen Family Apiary in Lowbank's) and maple syrup (Richardson's Farm)to use somehow.

To be honest, shopping for lean & local foods was more enjoyable than the ice cream cone. I think I am beyond my love of sweets and treats after not having any for 4 months. Cool.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lean Eaters - Are you too smart for your own good?

In a recent interview with New Scientist (p. 28 - 09JUL11 edition) - Why we screw up when the heat is on. Author of CHOKE: What the secrest of the brain reveal about getting it right when you have to, Sian Beilock, a psychologist, talked to NS about "what it takes to stay on form under stress, and why being smarter can be more of hindrance than help."

Right away I found myself smiling and nodding.

Smiling? Because anything that helps me and my clients perform better and accomplish goals, gets my attention.

Nodding? Because I have said it many times to a certain "profile" of client, "You are too smart for your own good! Less thinking; more doing!” Sometimes I am happy that I am only kind of smart :-). Just like Tim Ferris teaches in his 4 Hour Body, perhaps the optimal is to be JUST smart enough to get 'er done. Not SO smart that thinking interferes.

" For people with less working memory - who were relying on shortcuts that didn't tax their cognitive system in the same way - pressure didn't have a negative impact.

Those with more cognitive horsepower...tend to over-think and analyse. We found that over-thinking can be detrimental...” ~ Beilock

All these years I have been hard on myself and suffering from self-battery and self-labelling myself as "not smart enough". That has just been changed to "just smart enough". EPIPANY! :-)

How can LEAN EATERS benefit from this?

Well the Lean Eating program already includes strategies to avoid "choking" and overthinking such as introducing change via new habits every 2 weeks, directing clients to focus on the WHAT TO DO TODAY and keeping things simple and narrowed in on what actually gets results such as The Big 3 (Nutrition habits, Workouts and Daily lessons).

We also teach clients not to suffer from analysis paralysis and "majoring in the minor". Not only do we teach but we ask Lean Eaters to reflect and apply what they are learning about themselves and what makes them unique to their journey and goals.

It is important to KNOW if you are an analyzer, an over-thinker or simply too smart for your own good sometimes AND, importantly, to identify and actively put strategies in place for countering and managing this.

Speaking of strategies, Beilock's book provices more depth and detail, but some highlights from the New Scientist article:

"Download" worries before performance is required (test, presentation, athletic event) - Beilock and her colleagues showed that writing about thoughts and feelings for 10 minutes before a test boosted scores from B- to B+

Look at "problems" differently / look at things differently - worries were less likely to have an impact when students looked at math equations (visually / spatially) differently. The less talking one has to do in their head, to try and "figure" something out the less worry. You may want to consider this when learning about the science, the technical or more complex components of nutrition and exercise. Ask yourself "is this going to help me or hurt me?". "Should I keep it simple?". "What do I really NEED to know here to help me on my journey and with me goals?".

Practice more / Concentrate less - golfers performed better by concentrating on their swing whey they were additionally distracted and stressed by people watching them, money being at stake and verbal distractions. This comes back to The Power of Less - focus on the "essentials" only. Sift out distractions and turn "fear into focus". Take the fear of being watched (perhaps their compliance or participation being monitored or tracked by their coach or the program) and turn it into focus on DOING the BIG 3 (lessons, habits, workouts). Do not excessively concentrate and bring more stress to the fact that you are being "coached". Accountability is a good thing but not if you focus on it too much and make it a source of anxiety.

Other noteworthy points:

"Singing a song or counting backwards by threes can prevent you from attending to the details of your performance."

"'s better if an activity you have performed thousands of times runs on autopilot." (the importance of practice)

"...a supportive audience can cause you to focus and analyse your performance in a way that disrupts it."

"....performing under pressure is a skill itself. We are not born able to succeed in stressful situations."

So again LEAN EATING is on more than just on the right track! We are on the cutting edge. In fact, we are leading in this area. We are taking all the science of nutrition, of people, of change and bringing into every fiber of the program to ensure you get the best possible opportunity to succeed. Which sounds much better than "not choke".