Monday, August 8, 2011

Celebrating my Birthday - Lean & Local Style


The ladies in my Lean Eating team (Iron Phoenix) predicted I would celebrate with an odd lift of reps equalling my age. Close!

Close! Bench press is not really an odd lift, but a favorite and I did use my bodyweight rather than my age, but still challenging. Now my bodyweigh for 37 reps would have been cool. Maybe next year!

Here's how I celebrated:

I started with a bodyweight bench press challenge with my good friend Ashley Werner of Ignite Performance. I was pleased with my 18 reps at a bodyweight of 145 lbs. This is 2 reps above my personal best.

I then broke my fast of many months from desserts with a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cone (waffle cone) at Hewitt's Dairy, a local dairy establishment that is a blast from the past.

Following that was a Lean & Local shopping tour around the county in search of amazing local food finds. I will soon be cooking up an amazing dinner for myself and my #1 guy.

On the menu:

* Venison steaks and turkey & chive sausage from Thyme 'n Toil Organic Farm right down the road
* Rainbow swiss chard and cherry tomatoes (3 colours) also from Thyme 'n Toil
* Jensen's Feta cheese & Hewitt's 4 year old cheddar
* Richardson Farm's fresh corn & peaches
* Flax sour dough bread fresh from Hagersville Bakery
* My dad's homemade red wine
* Goat's milk buttter and local homo milk sold in a glass container from Hewitt's Health Food Store

I also picked up some local honey (from Madsen Family Apiary in Lowbank's) and maple syrup (Richardson's Farm)to use somehow.

To be honest, shopping for lean & local foods was more enjoyable than the ice cream cone. I think I am beyond my love of sweets and treats after not having any for 4 months. Cool.

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