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Monday, June 20, 2011

Working on BUCKET LIST Item: "Dinner with Arnold"

Krista Schaus - 1st Masters OPA Championships

If you win the overall at Arnolds Amateur Bodybuilding Championships, you get to dine with Arnold and the rest of the weekend's overall winners.

That has been on my Bucket List for over 2 years now.

This past weekend I got one step closer to that goal.

1st place in Masters at OPA Provincial Championships & 3rd in Open Heavyweight. Now you may be thinking "Wait! Didn't you win 2nd in both Masters and Middlweight last year? That qualifies you for Nationals!" or "Wait! Didn't you place Top 5 at Arnolds in 2009 which qualifies you indefinitely for Arnolds already?".

YES and YES.

But it's just me and my philosophy - "set yourself up for success" and "you cannot perform at a level higher than which you prepare" (Arcaro, 2008, in conversation).

In my mind I needed a 1st place at Provincials to feel ready to climb to the next level - Nationals. And a 5th place finish at Arnolds in 2009 was not quite good enough either.

So now that I have my 1st place trophy from Provincials in a very competitive line up, I feel ready to leave Provincials behind me.

It's early yet to commit 100% but I am feeling good about CBBF Nationals this year in Montreal (October 9th) and I am excited to see a Light Heavyweight class for Nationals at 125-140 lbs which is perfect for me - this is where I will be aiming to land and feel I will be quite competitive there.

I also really REALLY enjoyed - mentally and physically - my prep as a heavyweight. Having no weight minimums to hit made it pressure free and enabled me to have the most symmetry and mass ever while retaining my classic look and femininity. Having weighed in at 132 lbs, the Light Heavy seems like it was made just for me!

My Coach, Carter of Body Transformation, and I are a great team. We are open to change as my brief off season develops but whatever goal we set, we can make it happen. His brain ... my body... his magic protocols... my mojo - it works.

Thank you to my sponsors!

Sun to Earth Photography
Fat Gripz
Salon Profilo

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mystique Photo Shoot - A Bucket List Item!

A few weeks ago, I knocked 2 things off my Bucket List simultaneously.

BECOME A REAL LIFE SUPER HERO (I think she's a super vilan however)


Scott of Sun to Earth Photography is mind-blowingly creative and he got to mix his favorite mediums to create some amazing works of art - airbrushing and physique photography.

I hope you enjoy. I certainly did.

Scott said it was a Bucket List item for him too.

I must also thank Salon Profilo, specifically the amazingly gifted Tony, for the hair. When you are taking 3 hours to be airbrushed and another 3 hours for the photo shoot, you want to make sure details like hair are top notch. Tony does top notch.

For the full gallery visit Sun to Earth Photography's MYSTIQUE GALLERY.