Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mystique Photo Shoot - A Bucket List Item!

A few weeks ago, I knocked 2 things off my Bucket List simultaneously.

BECOME A REAL LIFE SUPER HERO (I think she's a super vilan however)


Scott of Sun to Earth Photography is mind-blowingly creative and he got to mix his favorite mediums to create some amazing works of art - airbrushing and physique photography.

I hope you enjoy. I certainly did.

Scott said it was a Bucket List item for him too.

I must also thank Salon Profilo, specifically the amazingly gifted Tony, for the hair. When you are taking 3 hours to be airbrushed and another 3 hours for the photo shoot, you want to make sure details like hair are top notch. Tony does top notch.

For the full gallery visit Sun to Earth Photography's MYSTIQUE GALLERY.

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