Wednesday, August 24, 2011

STEALING? No, SHARING! Blissipline

Sometimes I find something SO GOOD I wish I would have written it myself. What's great is I don't have to... I can simply LEND IT FORWARD which is a part of the Precision Nutrition's Community Code of Ethics.

I’ll pay it forward

“If someone helps me by answering a question or providing a resource, I’ll do my best to pay it forward by helping someone else. I recognize that this will lead to a more rewarding personal experience for me, and strengthen my ability to succeed. I understand that in lending support to others, I ensure that the community remains helpful and positive.”


Yes. You read it right. Blisscipline. Do you want bliss?

Do you want to lead a life full of bliss? Yes?! Well then, it takes discipline. Blisscipline. It takes work. Dedication. Belief. So often, we give up because we don’t see results as fast as we’d like. We try and try, and then become frustrated and restless with either ourselves or the situation we’re expecting to just show up at our door. Yes, life should flow relatively easy, but you have to work hard to get where you want. You have to be smart about it. Do you want to be a writer? Well, then start writing. Do you want to be a pianist? A professional soccer player? A master chef? A photographer? Well then, start practicing. Yeah you’re probably gonna suck when you start out (maybe not if you’re lucky!) – but that’s the beauty of it. You get to see how far you’ve come. And you get to laugh really hard at yourself looking back. That’s one of my favourite things about learning something new. I’ve learned to START laughing at myself when I begin something new, because it makes the whole process easier, especially when I know I will be laughing at the end of it. You might as well!

If ever I start out at something I know I’m going to almost embarrass myself at, I like to think of it as practice. As an experience that can only get better. Like my first time singing in front of 100 peeps. I still to this day cannot watch the video of myself doing it because I’m too embarrassed! Worried of how awful I sounded! But the cool thing? I can only get better. And I tried. Not everyone has the guts to stick their head out. But that’s how you get to where you want in life. By taking the risk. Sticking with it. Giving it your all. Putting your heart into everything you want. You gotta put love into it. Pour love into it. You have to be blissciplined. Wanting bliss? Then decide what you want, believe you will have it and work as hard as you can to get there. Stay focused. Stay blissciplined.

Sometimes I get asked why I blog. Why I spend hours upon hours every week, pouring my heart into this. Why? Because I love it. It is now, who I am. I can’t see myself without it. I want to be a writer, so I write. I want to be a yogi, so I practice yoga. I want to be the best I can be, so I be the best I can be RIGHT NOW. I’m starting now. And I might not be the greatest at everything I’m trying, but I have to start somewhere. I choose to start here. You have this choice too. We all do. We can choose to be or do what we want. We just have to try. To stick our heads out. And sometimes this comes with some uncomfortable vulnerability, but that’s life. Go after it. You have this choice!

We have a choice every moment we get up. To live this day to it’s fullest. It’s called the present, because it’s just that – a gift (Thanks for this, Steph’s voicemail box!). So make the most of it. Make the most of your time each day. Do what you love, or what you know you will love. Whatever your heart desires – just do that. It’s simple, really.

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