Saturday, February 5, 2011

Krista is the QUEEN of one-pan meals

Let's face it... we are ALL busy. I hate that work. We are very active people.

But we still have goals and we still need to eat well. PN-Style as I say. Meat and veggies for "ANYTIME" meals and lean protein and carbs for "POST WORKOUT" (that's the secret to a lean and mean body by the way).

Some people are sectional plate people and others are one-pan people. I am a one-panner. My partner (my "dude") is a sectional plater. You know the sectional plate... a chicken breast, a pile of brocolli, a sweet potatoe. They are not touching! Like a baby's sectioned off plate. But this is not a baby meal.

Today I put together one of my famous one-pan meals and now I have ANYTIME feedings ready for the day.

Dine with me... out of one pan:

Turkey, diced peppers, onions, pineapple, cranberries & sesame seeds. One Pan Shopping!

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