Wednesday, February 9, 2011

IT IS DONE! And striving for Maintence is BS

Of course breaking into the teens for BF% is possible :-)

And no WANTING 2011 to be your year. IT IS your year. Always operate from a mentality of it is done when you are thinking about your goals.

When I compete... I AM THE WINNER.

When I lift... I AM THE CHAMPION

Even if I am 6 months or 6 weeks out from the actual contest.

This poster. I have this in my gym. Print it out. Heck find it online and order it if you want, but this is your vision for 2011. You will be reminded that you are anything you say and think you are.


you ARE 18% body fat.

Got it?

And this wanting to move into Maintenance is BS.

You know what I think about maintenance? "Striving for maintenance is settling for mediocre". Nope - you just find your new "Spam" and set a new "Super Hero Goal".


I really want 2011 to be the year that I am done with fat loss and move into maintenance!!This is my third time in LE and every time I advanced a little bit,but I hope to be able this round to get more focused and involved with you so we can achieve results!!

My goals this year is getting my BF% down to 18-20%.Is this even posible?I want to thinks so.What would my goal weight be then?


Esther said...

very helpful post! Mindset-changing actually

Kristina said...

Excellent timing in reading this post for me. :)

I don't want this to be my summer, this IS my summer. And it's not just my summer, it's my new leaf; my new life.

p.s. Someone pretty awesome must have given you that poster... ;) xoxo