Monday, February 7, 2011

6 Weeks out from Anything, Anytime.

What you see is what you get - pictures are still your best Accountability Cop

I have been hearing from many Level 2 Lean Eaters and more vetran PN Community Members recently is that they really want to attain that "6 weeks out from anything" goal that I often talk about.

From Healthy Contest Prep - An Oxymoron?

A New Fitness Goal: Always Be 3-6 Weeks Away

Let me be really honest about something here. There are some folks who have an advantage when it comes to physique sports. Indeed, those who find getting ready for physique contests easy are those that are naturally very lean; those that walk around with a near contest-body year-round. In essence, they’re 3-6 weeks from being ready for a contest year-round.

Personally, that’s exactly what I aspire toward. Indeed, my goal has always been to be a well-rounded representative of what I value most – strength, leanness, health and fitness. What that means in concrete terms is that I want to be able to participate in or compete in anything health and fitness related at almost any time.

* If I want to step onto a lifting platform – I’m only 3-6 weeks of training away
* If I want to step on the stage – I’m only 3-6 weeks of training (& dieting) away
* If I want to enter a CrossFit challenge – I’m only 3-6 weeks of training away
* If I want to participate in a team sport – I’m only 3-6 weeks of training away.

Maybe this is really what most people in the health and fitness world aspire toward. Maybe it’s not the contest per se that people find most important. Maybe it’s being strong, athletic, and lean enough to compete in any number of activities with only a little preparation.

Now, beyond the comfort (and ego boost) of knowing that you’re fit enough to participate in most sports at any time, there’s another huge benefit of always training for physical preparedness. When you’re training year-round and staying “3-6 weeks away,” your preparation phase is much less stressful on the body.

Think about it, if you only have 10-15lbs to lose for a competition it takes much less time (and much less of a huge lifestyle overhaul) than if you have to lose 30-40lbs for that competition. The negative energy balance doesn’t have to be as great. So, you can keep eating lots of nutrient rich foods while simply cleaning up the diet and ramping up the exercise program.


So where do I measure up to that goal - right now today?

Squats this week - 205 x 5 - Raw, Full ROM, ass to the grass. 6 weeks is a push but doable.

Deadlifts last week - 255 x 3 - Raw, no belt. Won't PR, but can for sure bring a 300 plus deadlift in 6 weeks.

Bench press - 155 x 3 - Ditto

Bodyweight Dips - 33 - I think that's a bodyweight PB

And the body? 6 weeks could be pushing it, but I could do it.

Weight - 139

Waist - 27.5"

Room for improvement - absolutely. But I need my own accountability cop. We all need someone to hold the mirror in front of us now and again to keep it real. You guys are all my watchful eye.

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