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This post is part of Krista's NEXT LEVEL CHALLENGE Series that has gone out to all her one-on-one clients.

NEXT LEVEL THINKING - April 1st, 2009

Some are big believers in The Secret, The Law of Attraction, The Power of Now and similar movements. Others think it's hokey, voodo or downright fluffy. Whatever camp you reside in, you MUST believe in your ability to accomplish whatever goal you set out. The mental component of goal achievement is priority #1 before anything you do physically to make the goal become a reality.

My business motto is ASPIRE - ACT - ACHIEVE. It is very simple and effective. The ASPIRE piece of the puzzle includes your belief in what you are aspiring towards.

Now most of you would immediately feel that you do have a strong belief in your ability to accomplish the goal. But my dealings with personal and distance (email based) clients has taught me otherwise. On the surface level, we believe and say "of course I think I can otherwise I would not even try." But upon further investigation, we have very STRONG and deeply rooted perceptions, conditioned patterns of thinking and layers of baggage that impact every fibre of our being and every cell of our body.


Well, we can very easily take on other people's energy or "stuff". Ever said this "he was just not himself", or "I just don't feel like my normal self today". Well that's because he wasn't himself and you are not yourself. If we are not personally strong one day or at a given moment, we can take on another person's energy.

Anytime you are not grounded or in tune with your "inner self", you will not be in the right frame of mind or in an optimal position to achieve your goals and become your best YOU. So how do you test for this and what do you do about it?

This test should be done every day upon waking to ensure you get your day started on the right foot... YOUR foot:

1) stand up tall, take a breath, focus on the core of your body (focus internally) and silently or out loud say "I am _________ (your name)". If your body naturally pulls you slightly / leaning forward that means YES. If it pulls you back, that is a NO.

If you get no response at all, it simply means you are not very connected or intune with yourself YET or you think this is completely silly. If that is the case, you would benefit from a Reiki session or yoga movements to learn to be more intune with your body.

2) If you scored NO (leaned back), the you must turn yourself back on. Bent down and sweep the ground with your hands and bring your hands up your legs / chest and up into the air with a deep breath. Do this 3x. You can say "I am ________" while doing this too.

3) Retest and you should be back to your old self again!

The quicker your body moves forward or back means you are very intune with yourself.

The stronger the pull forward or backwards is means the answer is a strong YES or NO.

Why is this important?

Well our fat/weight loss efforts can be hindered if we are not grounded or if we are taking on other people's negative energy.

It is important to do this upon waking and also after being in meetings or encounters with people. Eventually you will feel when you are "off", "out" or no longer grounded and be able to ground yourself pretty quickly.

This GROUNDING test and exercise is just step #1 to being in the right frame of mind to accomplish your goals. Beyond that you have to be more aware of your internal dialogue and your perceptions and belief and how they may be holding you back. And remember, we all have natural personalities and natural tendencies, but all of them can be MANAGED. You are not changing who you are, but rather managing your personality traits that may not be your most favourable ones or the ones that do not serve you well.

Until next time... keep working hard towards the NEXT LEVEL!

REMINDER: Krista will demonstrate and teach this grounding technique along with other Top Tips for Nutritional Success will be outlined in a FREE presentation for Defining Edge clients when they bring a friend. Wednesday April 29th at Highway Pentecostal Church 7-9 pm.

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