Monday, April 6, 2009

NEXT LEVEL NUTRITION - Control Food Cravings

Do not allow cravings to control you – turn the tables on cravings and take control of them with this 5 Step Process outlined by Defining Edge Distance Coach, Kate Kline.

1. Stop. What emotions am I feeling?

2. Reflect. Why do I want to eat this? What will it give me? (pleasure, happiness, excitement, acceptance, etc..?)

3. Think. What are the consequences of this action? How will it affect myphysique, my progress? What are my goals? What do I want to look
like? How bad do I want to get lean? Picture what your mentor (whoever that may be) would do in this situation.

4. Consider alternatives. What other ways can I facilitate those
emotions? (having a nice conversation, giving someone a compliment, training, drinking a glass of tea, reading a cool book, thinking about something/someone special, having a healthy meal, having a piece of fruit that is good for my body, etc....)

5. Evaluate the choices and make a decision.

This 5 Step Process doesn't just apply to food cravings. You may not have food issues but perhaps have trouble controlling emotions. The same steps apply.

We all move so fast in today's society that we don't stop to THINK before we react. We just react without any consideration to the specific situations or the consequences of our reactions.

It is also why people are so quick to judge/misjudge others. We see someone doing something "different" or what we think is "wrong" and we make an immediate judgment, without taking into consideration the situation or circumstances that may have prompted the individuals' actions or behaviors.

So whether it is a chocolate cake, a co-worker or something that goes against your values - take the time to THINK and REFLECT. Not only will your health and body improve, but also your relationship with yourself and others.

Brilliant Kate! Thanks for sharing. K

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Thank you Krista for posting this. Love following your blog. Always drinking it in. And BTW, your girl Renee is killing me!! :)Love it!