Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Healthy Balance


The Defining Edge philosophy is about striving to be your best while maintaining balance and health. My first experiences with the physique industry came as a result of many athletes needing assisting in getting balanced. Many were being prepared for contest with so much deprivation and restriction for so long that the pendulum would swing very far and hard in the opposite direction after the competiition - IF they even made it that far. Many never made it to the stage because they were just too drained or unhealthy - their body rebelled.

My goal was to find a better way and stop the insanity. The sport is supposed to be about representing health, strength and fitness - NOT to be a walking skeleton on stage or to suffer the effects of 12 weeks of preparation for the next 2 years.

Thus, this recent feedback from one of my competitive clients means a great deal to me. The athletes I coach are representative of the Defining Edge philosophy and proof that it works and you CAN do it better. They DO do it better.

" many things are different about preparing for comp with you it's amazing. I'm realizing now how many things I was told to do that were wrong (and some maybe not even healthy).

With your guidance, I'm just as lean without looking emaciated, my energy level is good, my mood is incredible, and my digestive system is functioning! What a difference! :-) I'm relaxed and having fun!"

I would like to thank DE athletes and clients for having enough trust in their coaches, faith in themselves and value for their healthy to try a different path - a better path.


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LizN said...

Yes, agreed Miss K - why be a "Mad Monkey" with 12 weeks of insane prep. I must say this prep has been the 'laziest" I've done but my mind and body are at peace :)