Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NEXT LEVEL TACTICS - "Step away from the bunny!"

The first thing that comes to mind at Easter is chocolate... a far cry from the reason for the season.

So how do you partake in Easter festivities guilt free and fat-free? (I mean the potential fat on your thighs and love handles)

- Commercial Easter products and those $2.49 solid chocolate bunnies are sugar, fat, additives, plastic and other crap I cannot pronounce. At least IF you are going to go chocolate, fine a small dark chocolate Lindt bunny. I personally am a chocolate fan and do not pass up a dose of my favorite food at special occasions like Valentine's Day and Easter, but I go for quality not quantity. We deserve the very best! And good things do come in small packages... that applies to chocolate and your tightening physique.

2) EARN YOUR INDULGENCES! - As you all know, I love to train and train hard. I earn my holiday feasts by preceding them with monster workouts. Kick your own ass this Easter weekend so the family food frenzies do not go to your ass. Try to pick nutrient dense, balanced food choices at the dinner table like lean meats, veggies, sweet potatoes over potatoes and avoid the appetizers unless they are a veggie tray and shrimp ring. Nothing else will do you any good. So again - WORKOUT and then EAT... in that order.

3) THE EASTER BUNNY IS FOR KIDS - Enjoy time with family, the extra extra long weekend away from work, read a good book, relax and do a bit of nothing, let your mind unwind. And when you are tempted by the crap chocolate, remember it's for the kids. You have been there and ate all your bunnies many years ago. That part of the holiday is NOT for you. Be an adult.

4) NO GUILT - whatever you do and however the Easter weekend goes, you must EMBRACE your choices. Guilty feelings and guilt behavior such as doing 40 minutes of meaningless cardio to try and equate the damage done from the garbage you ate the night before, does you no good. It is a waste of energy and time. Whatever decision you make, make it (so stop and reflect), take ownership (no excuses) and embrace it (associate nothing but positive feelings and energy to your decision. Take ownership of your behavior and decisions.

Happy Easter! And remember, "step away from the bunny!"

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