Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Welcome to DAY 1 of Krista' Next Level Challenge Series.

The sun is out

The temperature is rising

So is your level of motivation to take your physique to the next level!


To kick off Spring, I am putting out a Next Level Nutrition Challenge to all my personal training clients. I have said it many times - eating for a body transformation is SIMPLE! Not easy, but simple. If it was easy, everyone would look and feel amazing and have the body they want.

But it can be done. If we tackle the challenge as a group, a support group is created automatically.

So what does the challenge entail?

1) Stop eating crap or stuff you know does not work for you

- for some that may entail wheat, dairy, fruit, protein bars, coffee too late at night, artificial sweeteners, "chick" food like instant dinners, flavoured yogurt or cereal bars
- for others that may mean cookies, crackers, alcohol, chips, pizza, kids snacks, candy, 1/2 a jar of peanut butter or dinners out far too often.
- the more you say NO and eliminate these foods or replace them with better options for you, the closer you will get to your optimal body.

2) Eat every 2-3 hours WITHOUT FAIL! This will mean a minimum of 5 feedings daily and maybe 6.
- schedule it initially so it becomes systematic
- for example - 7:00, 10:00, 12:30, 3:00, 5:30, 8:00
- I guarantee you will have more energy throughout the day and will be less inclined to eat crap (referred to in #1) later in the day if you eat frequently.

3) Eat PROTEIN at each of those feedings. Best choice is ANIMAL PROTEIN.

- animal protein feeds muscle and increase saiety. Again, this will help you adhere to Rule #1 and also Rule #2 as when you eat protein as your foundation, you will have to eat more often as it does not bloat you and bulk you like a big meal of feel good carbs.

Get your protein from the following options (not limited to):

Beef (lean)
White Fish
Oily fish like salmon, trout, herring, sardines
Eggs and Egg whites
Pork Tenderloin
Protein Powder (high quality and various sources)

- Most of you should be aiming for 25 to 35 grams of protein at each meal or snack
- You do not have to measure because it is almost impossible to overeat protein like you can carbs

4) Eat FIBROUS VEGGIES with your protein

- raw, steamed, sauteed, blanches, boiled or grilled ideally
- various colours and varieties will provide you with plenty of nutrients
- no need to measure

5) Include a small amount of HEALTHY FATS with your protein and veggies

- you have to eat fat to lose fat
- not only will these essentials oils help you shed the excess weight / fat, your health will improve at all levels also.
- Fat is NOT a four letter word

Get your fat from the following options (not limited to):

Olive oil
Ground flax
Fish oil
Any oil blend from supplement store such as Udo's or Vega
Almond Oil
Coconut oil
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Sesame seeds
Hemp seeds
Natural nut or seed butters
Egg yolks
Naturally occurring fats in your meats

6) Refuel and Reward yourself with POST WORKOUT CARBS

- the best time to get your beloved carbs in you is after your workouts. Your muscles will soak up the "energy" food after depleting their stores.

Best carb options post workout:

Cooked whole grains such as oatmeal, quinoa or amaranth
Fresh Fruit - pineapple, berries and kiwi are on my Top 3 list
Dried Fruit (natural or organic such as figs, dates, prunes)
Rice cakes (many whole grains options here)
Dry cereals
Fruit Juices - pineapple, pomegranate, prune are on my Top 3 list
Root veggies - sweet potato, carrots, parsnips, squash
Beans and Lentils
Cottage Cheese or Yogurt (mix in fruit) - also a protein source, but best eaten post workout


- If you are not very carb tolerant, have a high level goal or are currently in higher body fat ranges, then you may not benefit from as many post workout carbs as others. Those of you that are carb tolerant, have done a great job getting pretty lean already, you will NEED ample post workout carbs and maybe even PRE workout carbs (like a pice of fruit) to get optimal results.

- This is called INDIVIDUALIZATION - what works for one may not work for everyone. By experimenting and continually making sound nutritional habits part of your overall health and fitness strategy, you will learn what works for you and what does not.


In a journal, outline the following:

Your GOAL - is it a certain weight, a certain size, to look / feel a certain way or something all together different. You NEED a goal to keep you motivated

What CHANGES you know you can make to help you move towards that goal. - maybe you are eating something less than optimal on a regular basis or you eat too many snack foods, diet foods or processed foods. Perhaps you know you do not eat enough protein or take in enough healthy fats. But I guarantee, you KNOW there is something you can do or change to go to the Next Level of Nutrition.

Your OBSTACLES and AIDS in accomplishing this goal - what do think will hinder your progress and what will help your program and what do you plan on doing to overcome those obstacles?

FREE nutritional seminar for DE clients when you bring a friend. Wednesay April 29th

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