Friday, April 3, 2009


This month may be about the Next Level Nutrition Challenge, but EVERYTHING can be taken to the next level in order to bring you closer to your best YOU and optimal health, fitness and performance.

April 3, 2009

Next Level Training is about pushing beyond your limits. The brain stops before the body. Thus, you have to turn off that part of your brain that says "this hurts", "that's good enough", or "I"m done" and turn ON your drive and focus on the goal and say "this is easy!", "4 more reps" and "I can do it".

The brain leads the body. ALWAYS. You are in control of everything. Whatever you think you can do, will be done. So from here on in, let's apply the 4 MORE REPS RULE.

I used this when I was preparing for the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding championships in the final weeks. My body fat was at very low levels, beyond where the body wants to be for optimal health and performance. I was eating a diet consisting of ultra low carbohydrates which is a source of fuel for both brain and body. And I was training 2 to 3 times a day. Most brains would say "I am tired", "I am weak". So I had to work very hard to apply Next Level Thinking and not let the brain dominate the body.

So I made it a rule the final few weeks of training to say "4 more reps" during every set and "I am strong and energetic" before every workout. It worked. Not only did it work, I had some of my best, most energetic, strongest training sessions to date.

Your homework:

Do NOT let your brain interfere with your body's ability to perform optimally.
Push to the NEXT LEVEL
Apply The "4 more reps" Rule
NO Excuses! (yup, none)

If YOU would like an opportunity to push to the next level, training for the Push/Pull (bench press and deadlift) in Belle River begins on Sunday April 19th at 7:00 PM (6 weeks). This opportunity is open to ANY Defining Edge personal training clients, regardless of age or experience. Be a part of a great team of dynamic women - learn a new skill - participate in a rewarding sport - push yourself to the NEXT LEVEL.

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Kate said...

YES!! AWESOME MESSAGE! With the power of the mind, there are no limits!