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The Attitude of A Winner - "It's not over until it's over" (and it's never over)

This is an exerpt and my reply from a DE High Performance client's blog, that I wanted to share here.

For most bodybuilding shows the routine is for entertainment purposes - for the audience - and normally not considered for your overall placing.

One organization in Ontario, the UFE (United Fitness Events) is the exception. They do count the routines towards your overall placing.

So the decision is made in the prejudging. Some people use this as an excuse to eat / drink more than they should or less than optimal food choices between prejudging and the evening show.

But if you think like a winner and an athlete, you always overshoot the finish line. It's not over until it's over. And even then it's not over.

This picture was in my OPC (Ontario Police College) dorm room. It kept me going many days.

1) There is the overall and the overall is done after the winners of each weight, age or height class are determined and awarded. And in my opinion, the overall IS the competition. When you win the overall, you are the winner. I am not taking anything away from anyone who wins their category, or places or whatever... we all have goal sand we all define success. I have been very happy with winning my class (Nationals last year when I did not win the overall against my coach, but won my class) or was not the overall winner (Arnolds for example). But I mentally shoot high and see the overall as the main goal. Everything is an expectation, not an accomplishment.

2) You prepared all this time for the "big day" so take it seriously. You do EVERYTHING with 100% importance and as a professional. You are an athlete, and everything matters. The routine is what can set you apart

3) in this industry, it is not always about being the big winner. There are awards given sometimes for Best Poster, Best Costume (in the theme wear of Fitness Modelling for example) and Best Routine. You can also make people remember you with your routine, your stage presence, your overall attitude and demeanor. Some people do not win or do not place, but make covers or the inside of magazines. Or they may be featured in an Internet article or offered supplement sponsorships.

When I say "even then, it's not over". If you win the overall, you may be involved in more pictures and/or interviews (on video or audio) after the show. You may have a photographer or other industry person contact you the days or weeks after the show for interviews or photo shoots. You may be asked to do a presentation or represent somewhere (like a supplement store) and have to do your best to look the part.

Take your role as an athlete and a representatiave of the health and fitness industry seriously. This is not necessarily for Yvonne directly, but everyone who competes.

Never assume something does not matter. It all matters.

One last thing - being A winner and being THE winner are not the same. Always strive to be A WINNER and being THE WINNER will come naturally.

PS - Yvonne, I am superproud.

Originally Posted by ygentile
Well, pre-judging is done. I'm at home resting, redoing my hair and refreshing my makeup before the evening show.

I entered two classes - Open Women's (tall), and Master's (35 yrs old and up), both pro-qualifiers. I think I'll place in the top three in both. In both classes, they moved me to the center of the line (or just to the right of center), which is usually a good sign.

I found out today that the routine is not even considered in the scoring. That means two things - 1) How I place is strictly ruled on my physique and posing/stage presence in the mandatories, and not my gracefulness (or lack thereof - LOL), so 2) I can really relax and have fun with my routine tonight.


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