Wednesday, March 25, 2009

8 Contests 12 Months = Exponential Growth!

Having just completed my 8th contest in 12 months, to say that it has been an amazing year competitively is an understatement. I placed 2nd in Masters at the National Natural Physique Championships in Montreal - as I should have. Mentally I was not in it 100% and Maria deserved it hands down. She was ripped and still had the energy to do back handsprings and the splits in her routine. Amazing! Her level of leanness was inspiring. I saw things on her physique that I am going to shoot for for future contests.

The lessons learned, experience gained and memories made this past year would have otherwise taken at least half a decade. I was able to transition from powerlifting as a complete newbie to bodybuilding in March 2008 (Northern Kentucky NPC Championships hosted by Beverly International) and finish 1 year later as a finalist at Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding Championships - one stage with some of the best natural bodybuilders in the world. I was able to do that BECAUSE I ignored the "rules" of bodybuilding (i.e. - you should only compete in 1 or 2 contests a year if you want to stay healthy).

Every bodybuilder I have spoken to about my competitive year has not responded favourably. I have been called "nuts", "an obvious rookie" and have been warned of the dangers of competing so many times. I have been accused of being "burnt out" for competing an average of 1 contest overy 6 weeks.

I disagree, strongly! I do not feel burnt out at all. My hormone levels are optimal (just got them checked with my doctor a few weeks ago), blood pressure is stellar (according to my doctor), I did not blow up post contest like many do... I never did the entire year. And I can eat! I eat ample calories and nutrients post contest to faciliate growth. The week post contest provides provides a significant opportunity to replete, refuel, repair and grow. IF your contest prep has been an unhealthy one (too much cardio, too little calories and nutrients and negative energy) then the odds of your body rebelling and blowing up is much higher.

Prepare properly and naturally and compete for the right reasons, and you can remain healthy and you can compete often. Not only can you remain healthy, you can increase health. I am the most balanced I have ever been - physically, mentally, spiritually.

I am chosing to take a year before I complete NOT because of any burn out, but for my family, my clients, my friends. I also want to focus on my strength training again, my 1st love. I will do one or two powerlifting events this year and reset my focus on the national bench press record. My next bodybuilding competition will not be until Arnolds 2010.

Where you can find me next (supporting DE Athletes):

UFE Spring Bash
OPA Stratford Open

Details will also be released soon on upcoming seminars and workshops I will be hosting.



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Claudine said...

What you accomplished was amazaing. You deserve a nice break... :)