Wednesday, March 4, 2009

True Meaning - 2 Days out from Arnolds

Some feedback and wonderful words from clients have reminded me why I do what I do, competitively.

"True meaning is only possible when you use your strengths to serve something bigger than yourself" (Seligman, from Laurence Shorter's book "The Optimist")


I know you are getting ready to leave, so you may not read this until you get back. But, I have the overwhelming desire to thank you. You have become so much more than a trainer to me......more like a life coach, mentor, guide......

I read, really read, all of your posts and it's amazing what paying a little attention to the true meaning can do. You are an amazing person and I am thankful every day that the Universe brought you into my life.

I can't believe the path I am on. One of such great personal and spiritual growth that sometimes I am taken aback with emotion. I am excited as to what the future will bring.....what you will teach I will absorb it and become a better person on this new journey I am on. While my entire world has shifted....become something different than I thought it would, I know in my heart that I am on the right path (although sometimes, just sometimes I wonder why). But, I want you to know that you have become a part of important part and I am excited to continue learning under you.

I'm not going to wish you don't need that. You will go in to the Arnold's the best shape and totally knock them out!!!! I'll be anxiously waiting to read about it.


Again, perfect timing! (no coincidence - thanks Universe).

This IS why I do what I do... I sometimes question if the time, effort, money, distance from "normal life stuff" and sometimes family is worth it. Messages like this from my clients remind me time and time again, YES it is! It is my calling, my passion, my purpose, my journey... NOT for the trophies but for the lessons I learn and those that I can bestow and extend to my clients in their own journeys.

So THANK YOU! Thank you for being able to articulate and extend your feelings and knowing when and how you are blessed.

This is exactly what I need to fill my heart and soul with... THIS will bring me a "win" regardless of how I place in this contest.



I was just taking a small break from working on a project and started browsing your blog section on the PN forums and...

... I felt compelled to write you a small note of appreciation (and I am only a few threads in!). Some of the thing that I value and appreciate are your:

* insight
* willingness to share your knowledge
* honesty
* open mindedness
* patience
* caring
* dedication
* enthusiasm
* compassion
* quest to learn new things
* sense of humor
* ability to motivate
* tough love without contempt
* and in spite of all these ridiculously super-woman qualities your unmistakable, raw, and real "human-ness"

I think everyone has a certain purpose in this particular life and I hope you sense that you have found yours. I don't know for sure but I'd be willing to bet that you are blissful in giving yourself over to this mission in life the way that you do.

I've never met you, have only corresponded with you via the LE program a few times, yet I feel infinitely connected and inspired by you. You have taught me that boundaries are a matter of perception which has helped me to push to some new highs. You have also showed me that no one answer exists in a vacuum - that we are all part of a bigger process, are unique in our consitution, yet connected in deeper ways than we realize.

So, thank you. I feel so very fortunate to have crossed paths with you and you have contributed to my personal growth and development.

Now go kick some ass at the Arnold Classic, ok??


We certainly are connected... we all are! But you are clearly more insightful and enriched than you may realize as one can only feel connectedness with those who are equally insightful. So all the things you praise me for, you likely share these traits and can bring them out further in yourself.

Your message is SO timely it is scary. My brain does all sorts of wandering up, down, side to side and all around when I am this focused competitively... this is why this high level of competition is so good for personal growth. But it challenges you in unpleasant ways sometimes but from that challenge comes the opportunities for growth.

I often feel torn between work (my passion), family (my heart) and competition (my soul and true self)... and often ask the Universe for answers... you have given me one of my messages and answers.

So thank you for being in tune.

Thank you for being open and caring enough to share your thoughts.

Thanks you for connecting so deeply.


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