Monday, January 31, 2011

Embrace Positive Challenge

Do not settle for negative stress as a result of avoiding positive stress.

Positive stress reslts in personal growth and betterment.

Negative stress results in the opposite.

Often we will settle for negative stress (self loathing, being unfit, unhealthy, unhappy and just generally incomplete) because we are afraid to or chose not to take on positive stress (leaving a relationship, opening your own business, starting a workout program, changing your nutrition habits).

And we say "but it's hard" - living a life full of negative stress is hard. But you are used to it. NOTHING worth attaining comes easily. But once you overcome the positive stress, life is improve exponentially. It's worth it.

AAnd here is a little secret... one of the main differentiating factors between positive and negative stress? Your perception.

So 3 TIPS:

1) Do not settle for negative stress because you are afraid to embrace positive stress
3) Look for ways to challenge yourself with positive stressors & minimize negative stressors
3) Turn negatives into positives.

3 Simple (not easy) tips for success!

And lastly, is it not meant to be easy!