Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pain Body

I was finding The Pain Body references for a Lean Eating client and thought you all may appreciate this. Or not... LOL

So many funny yet impactful things about this...

1) I think we should send Eckhart Tolle the Geek, Nerd, Dork test

2) I loved his physicality when he talks about the Pain Body getting up to leave the room because they have been pointed out and are uncomfortable (reminds me of Paul Chek saying If I am offending you so much that you want to leave the room, then I am talking to YOUR SHIT!)

Anytime you get physical when talking about something it means you are passionate. Eckhart is passionate about curing The Pain Body. Me too.

3) Interested in who will think this is rubbish... there may be some moles amongst us... I mean Pain Bodies. It's Ok; you likely do not know. This is why I am introducing the concept to you. No Rubbish.

Eckhart Tolle - VIDEO - The Pain Body

A little 101 on The Pain Body (from one of my favorite books The Power of Now) - I basically have "healed" my back and shoulders problems from identifying my pain body and trying to live in the present / NOW.

The Power of Now, The Power of Less, The Power of Vulnerability. We are so powerful :-) Maybe I am starting to understand on a deeper level why I am Power Girl.

I think I will write a book.. The Power of The Power!



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