Saturday, January 1, 2011

From LOW to HIGH

When I feel LOW there are 3 things that quickly get my mojo back:

1) FUN! - I am calling this year the year 2000 & Double Fun ("double one"... get it ). When I am feeling too serious and troubled (I call it the "furrowed brow"), I remember to simply have FUN and do stuff I enjoy, in ways I enjoy, with people I enjoy. Surround yourself with the people and things that make you feel and live at your best.

Transform from furrowed to fabulous by remembering to have FUN!

2) GROUND YOURSELF - often we can truly not be ourselves and take on the energy (often blue or negative) of others. Or we can take on our own negative self and turn off our positive self. We all have multiple dimensions of our personality and can be sponges to the influence of others - good and bad.

By grounding yourself daily you are more likely to be your self, be your best and shield yourself to negative energy and influences.

There are many ways to balance and ground yourself daily.

* Meditation
* Sunrise salutation (yoga)
* Prayer
* Affirmations & Mantras
* Deep Breathing Exercises
* Morning exercise (walking, stretching, EEW, yoga, pilates, dynamic warm ups)

Balance yourself daily in your own way

There is no right or wrong way. The key is to do it daily and somewhat ritualistically (a habit!) and whenever you feel down, blue or not quite like yourself.

3) DIRECT ACCESS - This is a reminder I use; that I have "direct access" to light, positive energy, love and guidance from above. Whether that is your God, "the universe" or another entity or belief system - look, feel and be open UPWARDS and your mood, spirit and energy will be lifted up also.

You have direct access to what you need. You just have to look up.

Upwards & onwards - brighter light and energy is all around and available for you!

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