Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Krista Avoids the YO-YO Effect

Krista 2 weeks POST CONTEST - 5 lbs up from contest weight

QU: "Krista, Everyone talks about the YO YO thing, but it seems like you don't have to lose much weight to get into contest shape compared to the average bodybuilder."

AN: Well it's true and not true.

Here's why. I don't change my weight (BF% yes, weight no) much when preparing for a contest. I typically lose about 5-10 lbs depending on the weight class I am aiming for.

"Normal" Krista - 142 lbs

"Contest" Krista - 138 lbs

This contest we went heavyweight (over 125) so the goal was to retain as much muscle as possible while getting lean (very lean). And we did.

HOWEVER... the final days I drop ALOT of weight from drying out. It's water and some carbs (from depleting glycogen or going very low carb for a few days).

I drop about 8-10 lbs the final 5 days before I hit the stage. About 8 lbs is water and the other few pounds are glycogen.

Knowlege is power. KNOWING that the weight you are on contest day is not "real" helps you manage the gain that will come the days after the contest when you drink and eat a healthy LE diet again.

Dry & shredded on stage at 132 lbs


10 days out - 142
5 days out - 138
Contest day - 131.8
2 days post contest - 135
1 week post contest - 139

What I weight 1 week out, I am to weigh again 1 week after.

The bigger someone is (say a 225 lb male bodybuilder), he can expect to gain MORE absolute weight but it's about the same relative. He may gain 25 lbs after contest (which is about the same as my 10 lbs). But it's all the OTHER ways one can gain / lose weight other than body fat.

For example, I was about 5% body fat on stage (July 19th) and today, 1 month later, I am about 8% body fat and 142 lbs.

So I have only gained a bit of body fat back.

And trust me I DO NOT want to be 5% all the time. Even 8% is a bit too lean for my liking.

So there's some "Insider's Secrets" for you.

I have also learned that I an not the typical bodybuilder, if there even is such a thing ;-)


Michel said...

Very cool article, those things are so mysterious from the outside...

What body fat is the first picture at (the normal Krista)? is that the 8% you refer too in the bottom?

Krista Schaus - Lean Eating Coach said...

Normal Krista there is about 12-16%... which is where I feel very healthy, natural and normal. Meaning, it comes naturally and it feels like a right "fit" for me :-)