Sunday, July 24, 2011



With some of my food choices at work I can say that that are not horrific but are obviously not doing me any favours.

Some examples of food I may eat - whomeal egg sandwich, a small coconut panacotta (this is really naughty but I just cant help it sometimes) I also have a beef fillet for dinner with cauliflour mash and beans (I also take extra servings of beans which I can heat up) I sometimes have cereal/ oats in the morning without milk if cant stomach the eggs sometimes, otherwise its an omlette for breakfast, I might also have a piece of vintage cheese or handful of nuts.



Here is something that is just one sentence but it says alot... multiple layers and stories here:

(this is really naughty but I just cant help it sometimes)

- It is not naughty - there is not good or bad in life, just our choice and whether it is in line with our goals and our "true self". You are expressing shame or guilt in your word "naughty"

- You can help it - it comes down to the lesson on "discipline" - there is no such thing. There is only love. You love that food choice more or you love ______ (feeling leaner, making healthy choices, your goal, your transforming body... you fill in the blank).

- You are saying you feel bad, shame, guilt, remorse, but you ARE NOT IN CONTROL or have no choice.

- The great news is BOTH are not true. YOU are not lying you are believing self ingrained lies that have been there a long time.

- You have CHOICE.

- Your choices that are not in line with the real you and your goals and what you want for yourself are not "bad" they are just not getting you to your SELF :-)

As soon as you accept and start behaving as though you DO have choice, you will no longer feel this shame and guilt. Is that not REFRESHING and AMAZING!

These obstacles are NOT at all about work, but simply about choice.

YOU HAVE CHOICE. This is huge. This is the KEY thing you can grasp and make a big difference.

"Accept or change". You either accept and embrace your choices and all that accompanies them or you change them.

Everything in life is a choice.

However, celebrate and commend yourself for the awesome progress you have made but that is no reason not to keep working hard on your SELF to keep making progress. If you can come THIS far in the past year let's say imagine what you will look and feel like next year... and the next.. and the next. :-)

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idv8 said...

Agree a zillion percent! This is great stuff!