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Ok so what I m getting out of your email is that I have to make the choice to change. Easier said than done.

So the question to answer is DO I WANT TO CHANGE.



Yes, so many solutions to our current issues are "simple" but simple and easy are not the same. But this is the whole concept of DD (Difficult Difficult). This IS a DD for you... making the "right" choice. There IS no right or wrong remember. What feels right is in line with your true or authentic SELF - what you want, what you need, what is going to take you in the right direction and towards who you are intended to be, fully.

The other choice takes you AWAY from the person you are wanting and are intended to be.

Make sense?

SO anything that is pretty major (difficult) is going to make a MASSIVE difference. "From challenge comes growth". The greater the challenge, the more rewarding the outcome when you take it on and successfully over come it.

Back to the question to answer: "Do I want to change?"

Let's look at your goals in Lean Eating.

1) Lose weight / fat
2) Get stronger / more powerful

Looking at these metaphysically will help. Your TRUE SELF wants to change. You may just need more strength to do that.

I will refer to the Two Wolves Legend to help you gain clarity here.

You WILL accomplish Goal #1 by tackling Goal #2 but not physically stronger - making your TRUE SELF stronger and feeding the White Wolf (I CAN do this.. I WILL do this.. I AM worthy) and weakening the Black Wolf (I can't refuse this food... It's just a bit of this... it's so hard when I am working...).

When you strengthen your SELF, everything else gets "easier" as you strengthen yourself from the INSIDE / OUT. Just like building a stronger core improves performance with other exercises and activity.

Step 1 to getting stronger is to face one of your "Difficult Difficults" - posting in the forum. I don't have to set the task as you already suggested it in your email:

I m thinking maybe it's time to join the forums and have some support and some accountability. I find the forums a little scary.


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