Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BioSig Accurate BodyFat%? - Krista Tackles Your QU's

QU - My biosignature report says I am 13.7% but I look and feel more like 18% in my opinion. Is it accurate?

Biosignature Modulation (BioSig) is a very useful tool in helping identify areas that can be manipulated in order to improve body composition quickly and effectively. I have found in my experience that it is most useful for indicating hormone imbalances, carb tolerance and sugar management along with some other interesting stuff such as yeast, organ health ect...

However if you are a lower body fat gal (I am ... used to be, before I came upon Biosignature anyways), then the actual BF% will not be as accurate as only 4 of the 12 skinfold sites are on the lower body and only two of those four are where women tend to store fat - glutes, hams, thighs, hips ect... That is why in the assessors world, the actual BF is not the most significant data to take into consideration. Biosignature assessors are interested in seeing a decrease in the sum of skinfolds and for correlations to improve..

Also, the less lean one is, the less accurate the body fat percentage will be. I have found the most accurate body fat compositions are with lean male athletes. However, the correlations remain accurate. Where the inaccuracies will be is body fat (lower than actual) and lean mass (higher than actual) in fatter subjects or those with proportionally a significant amount of lower body fat or body fat in atypical locations such as mid back or glute med area

I also stress caution when using bioelectrical impedance scales such as Tania – they appear very inaccurate in females and many males also. I have found them to be on average 10% too high for female and 5% too high for males. For women, I find a combination of the Tania and Biosignature body fat % divided in half is quite accurate. So if a Biosignature says I am 12% and Tania says I am 19%, then I am likely around 15-16%.

Also, keep in mind different people look different at the same body fat %. You may very well be 14% but it does not look great on you because you store alot in one or two areas and / or your muscular development is lacking or you do not have great symmetry or your posture is poor. Many variables.

I have seen women on stage in bodybuilding at 5% and 12% and they look almost the same from the audiences' eyes.

To conclude, one thing I do know for certain is that Biosignature Modulation works. I can show you countless case studies to support that statement. Charles Poliquin could show you thousands more. I have had incredible results with clients who have been to numerous specialists and industry professionals who could not take away the obstacles holding them back from achieving their body fat, health or performance goals. Biosignature has. They did not care about their body fat % - they did care about the results... how you look, feel, perform.

Thank you for the discussion. I hope this helps clarify things for you.

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