Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of Off-Season

August 30, 2008 BioSig: 6% BF, 129 lbs lean mass, 137 lbs

January 27, 2008 BioSig: 11.2% BF, 125 lbs lean mass, 141.2 lbs

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This weekend marks the last weekend of my "off-season" (1st pic) and Tuesday will be the start of the Fall competition season as I aim for London OPA Open Contest November 15th to go through the qualification process in the IFBB regular stream. I am 11 weeks out.

It shows 6% body fat but the last place I hold on in the glutes/hips, this is not a true reflection of my actual BF%. Again, in this sport the Biosignature is a useful tracking and assessment tool but you must use it to see opportunities to get leaner, naturally rather than actually trying to see if you are lean enough to be on stage.

The best way to know if you are contest ready, is to pose in front of mirrors, friends, family and also take pictures / video often. Your judges and audience does not come up to you and do calipers on you... it is about how you look from their eyes.

I like the #'s and like tweaking with nutrition, supplement, training and recovery protocols to change my correlations, skinfolds and percentages. That is my "thing". I also look at the sum of skinfolds and compare to my last contest season. I would like to get down to about 35 mm sum of skinfolds. I also want my calves and quad readings even lower than last season (Spring 2008).

My measurments should come up as I often grow into my contests, rather than get smaller, but we'll see. Every contest phase is different.

I am aiming to weigh about 127-130 lbs but leaner than last season in the lower body. I am also going to imnprove my posing.

I have printed a picture of me pre-contest from April 2008 when I had my best contest physique (UFE Spring Bash) and posted it on the fridge to remind myself how crappy I need to look in order to know I am almost there. Crazy isn't it?!

I have included a picture of me 11 weeks out from my Spring 2008 season when I was new to the sport. My Biosig stats at that time were 141 lbs at 11.3% with 125 lbs lean mass. So it shows you how much fat I store on my legs / butt as to the average eye, they two pictures would look about the same BF%. This also shows that it is not always about the number but how you look.

So join me on the countdown to Level 1 OPA steam... just the beginning of course!



Lisa said...

really interesting post. I looking forward to the results of your next experiment.


Krista Schaus - Strength Coach said...

The experimentation continues... can't say I am enjoying the low calories experimentation as much as I did the high, but such is life!