Thursday, August 7, 2008

Krista's 35th Birthday Celebration - Hard Core Style!

Krista’s Birthday Training Bash

The Power of 8 - LEGS

Order –Exercise SetsxReps Tempo Rest
A1 – Front Squat 8x3 Cluster 4010 0:10 / 2:00
A2 – Rack Good Morning 8x3 Cluster 4010 0:10 / 2:00
B1 – Leg Extension 3x8 2011 1:00
B2 – Hamstring Curl 3x8 3010 1:00
C1 – Front Squat 1x16 2010 0
C2 – Hamstring Curl 1x16 2010 0
C3 – Leg Extension 1x16 2010 0
C4 – DB Romanian DL 1x16 2010 0

If anyone cares to celebrate my birthday with me... or even if you don't and just want a kick ass workout... then give this a go anytime tomorrow.

It is my 35th birthday tomorrow and it is the 8th day of the 8th month, 2008. And hey, 3 + 5 = 8!

So rather than an 8 x 8 workout, which is kinda boring and repetitive, I decided that reps or sets must be 8, equal 8 or be a multiple of 8, but I would combine strength, hypertrophy and lactate into one workout.

Cluster - this means you do a single rep at around 90% of your 1RM (85% for less experienced trainees... up to 95% for you elite kinda crazy nuts) and do 1 rep, 8 times to equal your set of 8. Rerack the bar and rest 10 seconds between each rep.

Then let us eat cake! This workout is carb-worthy. I think Angel Food cake is appropriate PW ... it's low fat isn't it? How about angle food cake, blueberries or strawberries and a protein shake (I highly recommend Dymatize Elite vanilla).



ss2306 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Krista. Hope you have or had a fantastic day! It's Friday arvo here, not sure what day or time it is there now.

De ja vu you know. Tomorrow is leg training for mwah so I'm gonna brave it and give it a go and then blame you when I can't walk till the end of next week (lol).

Again, enjoy you day.

Luv Shelley

Lisa said...

Rod and I did your work out this afternoon. Whoa baby!!!!

happy birthday.


LizN said...

Happy Birthday Krista :)

Hmm leg training...gotta love it in a sick kind of way:)

Liz N

Krista Schaus - Strength Coach said...

You guys rock! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Wow. Lisa you rock two fold for conquering that workout. It broke me personally, but I was a dumb ass trying to match Rod's #'s. I was very very close... so close he should be shamed. That WAS my goal however. Remember "beat the boys!".