Monday, July 14, 2008

A Fist Time Figure Athlete's Reflections

Defining Edge client, Renee Willis of Jarvis, competed in her first figure competition on July 12th in the IDFA Toronto Classic and placed 7th in the Novice and 6th in Masters just missing out on the Top 5. Below are her reflections submitted as part of an assignment for her university class that she missed in order to compete.

This weekend was truly an amazing weekend; it was a moment in my life that I will never forget.

It is hard to articulate this journey and the growth that has developed; my life is moving at such a rapid pace and each step is more exciting than the previous. There is much change happening within as I reflect and I open myself to view my life, and the future that is uniquely mine; some change bring forth sadness as it brings awareness of needed change.

The day in itself was truly culminating. The days of mental and physical preparation had its moment; I had my moment.

The day was everything…it was long…it was intense…it was fun….it was difficult…each moment was indeed everything.

The journey was not about that day, but that day carved out a journey that on the surface to many would be perceived as physique driven. The true process and the true journey is the transformation within; the means was the competition, but that process was merely the vehicle for something much bigger and more powerful.

Life is about opportunities and creating the most of every moment in your life; I have felt what that truly means and how that magnifies in every other aspect of my life. If I know what lights the fire within me, and what fills my cup, then I will present my best in every other avenue of my life, and to each relationship as my journey continually unfolds.


Thank you Renee for sharing your personal insights with us. I especially thank you for recognizing and teaching others that competing provides the opportunity for exponential growth.

Renee serves as a great role model for someone interested in competing in Fitness for the first time. She never has excuses as to why she can't. She is a wife, mother of 2 young boys, a student in Teacher's College in the US and can now add Figure Athlete to her list.

Renee is a model client - train immensely hard and follows nutrition and supplement protocols 100%. This has been evidenced by her lean mass gain of 8 pounds in only 8 weeks while losing 2.5% body fat during the same time frame. She was 5.9% body fat the week of her competition with NO fat burners, high calories, ample carbohydrates, nutrient dense foods and very little cardio (skipping only some mornings). However, that is not what makes her an ideal client in my books. More importantly, she looks for opportunities to be a better person throughout the process, mentally and physically and is as much a mentor for her me as her coach as I am for her. We learn from each other. I thank her for teaching me to have fun, laugh, be a little crazy time.

In Strength, Krista


LizN said...

Nice job Krista and Renee.
Liz N

ss2306 said...

I really enjoyed reading this.

Thanks Krista and Renee and congratulations to you both.


csferrazza2 said...

Renee, you are an inspiration to us all! You have phenomenal dedication, a tremendously positive attitude, boundless humor, endurance and strength- both emotional and physical. You show the world that it is indeed possible to be equally beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

Best wishes!

Renee said...

Wow, I am blown away with the feedback that i have been receiving throughout this week; each word had its impact; each word came at a time when it was needed. No one journeys alone and i am very blessed to be surrounded by many people who i respect to keep me accountable and to fuel the fire within.


lorieann said...

I, perhaps, have known Renee longer than all of you combined. Yes, I am bragging about that, as it is an honor that I proudly win a medal for. Ever since I’ve known Renee she has continued to not only set new goals, but exceed them. She has never been satisfied with “typical” or “good enough.” Of course those who know her, expect nothing less. We KNOW she will always and unequivocally accomplish what she sets out to do. I believe the motto she embodies is “Anything worth doing is worth doing well; and Anything worth having is worth working for.” This not only applies to her passion for fitness, but to every aspect of her life. If there were a “Supermom” competition, she would win it! If there were a faithful friend competition, she’d make the front page! She continues to amaze me to this day, some 30 + years after our mud pie making days; when yes, her pie had to be, you got it…spectacular! Lol. And, I say that with all due respect. She is a truly an inspiration to everyone who knows her. At the very core of her world are her boys and she is an unbelievable example to them that you can do WHATever you set out to do if you only work hard. In addition to growing up to be respectful, kind, spiritual, and compassionate, her boys will also mature knowing that no goal is unattainable, no vision is too broad, and no matter what, you NEVER EVER give up on something you believe in. What a legacy to pass on!!! If you asked her right now what her biggest accomplishment in life is, she, without hesitation, would reply, “my children.” She would win the “Ms. World Fitness Competition” and have the same answer. Ever wonder how she balances going back to school, two very active boys with activities that scan the entire day themselves, a wonderful husband, a home, friendships, and her commitment to her faith in God? Let me answer… because she is Renee! And she would have it no other way! It’s not in her to do otherwise.
I love you girl and I am beaming with pride right now! I know this is merely the beginning for you. Take it and run, like only you can, in true “Renee fashion!”

Angellawith2LLs said...

Hi Renee, I am proud so proud of you. You are nothing but a dedicated woman who wants the best out of life. Yes, you are a "strong woman." You have inspired me in so many ways. When ever I am overwhelmed with the many task of schooling life I think of you and how much you are able to do. I have been putting of my regular fitness class because school work becomes first priority at times. Renee, you have taught me to put health and physical well being first on my priority list. A cheer for you Renee, GOOD JOB, GOOD JOB. Keep doing what you do best and keeping on being strong.


Renee said...

Do I want my possible best out of life? Absolutely! Do I more than often fall off 'the tracks' along the way? Again, absolutely. Though I do have a strong sense of self and a determination to set my own limits and not have others define my capabilities...the other side of Renee does struggle with achieving balance and often I need to reset. Though training fuels energy into every other avenue of my life, my life does discect into many facets that need maintenance and constant discipline. Though I want to inspire others to be more active, and reap the benefits through proper nutrition, and regular exercise...I ultimately want to be viewed as being submit all sides of self, so that you can see that we are all more alike than we are different as we all strive to not only find our 'tracks', to take accountability of our actions as we carve out our journey, to accept our choices, but most get back 'on those tracks' with a smile that is rooted to your core knowing that you are incontrol of each step and that each step will unfold the story of YOU.

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