Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chicks on the Roof - Female Empowerment

I want to extend a heart felt thanks to my all female work crew who volunteered their entire long weekend to help me put a new roof over my head.

These were the hardest working, strongest women I have had the pleasure to work with! Thank you also to a few good men - my Dad (project manager), my uncle (token dude on the roof), Mark and Scott for hauling those heavy bundles of shingles off the hoist to the top of the roof. They moved them no problem whereas it took every ounce of strength we had. And my Mom who blessed me with her strength - she spent 7 hours working around the property gardening, cleaning siding, picking up shingles, moving bundles. What a team!

But the girls could do everything else that had to be done! And it feels really good to know when it rains hard now, I am dry and protected.

I was also reminded the value of great friends and family. Thank you doesn't cut it... but thank you!

Girl Power!!!


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tushar said...

Female has really powerful and energetic. Its really great.
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