Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Strength That Binds Us

Bound by Light & Gravity

Krista and Renee,

The last few weeks I have been introduced to the tools and drive that was missing in my life to work towards the dreams that I have been hunting down. Renee has done that for me... from that I have a great reverence for you, since from what I understand, you are the one who introduced Renee to those same tools and drive that she too was searching for. Through that you have both become bound to one another ..... "The Strength That Binds Us...Bound By Gravity And Light"

I think you both know that there are few people in our lives that you become instantly bound to... not by blood, but a true destiny and fate. True friends, comrades... whom you feel and sense, even when you are miles apart. You feel each others pushes and pulls, and you push and pull each other when needed... Like the sun and the moon.. and the earthly forces that ground us. You are those forces in each others lives and no matter where life may take you or you take each other... you will be truly bound to each other.

Painting this picture has also been a journey for me. Understanding your relationship in order to conceive the best imagery that would represent you both has been a joy. I can not paint a person with out thinking and wondering about them. I have to admit I'm strongly attracted to painting strong, bold, gutsy women who like to truly show their strength and diversity. I see that in both of you.

Painting people is an intimate affair. People don't often realize that by the time I have observed multiply images of a person to try and understand their expressions, how they hold their body, the beautiful folds and creases of their skin, eyes, cheeks when they smile, I have uncovered a little more about them. How they naturally like to gaze or that saucy little flash of emotion that comes across in their more candid photos. To me when I paint a person it is almost like they are physically in front of me and I'm bringing out their beauty with each brush stroke, discovering their curves and skin folds! I know them quite well by the time I finish... even if words have never been exchanged. Our body language and the degree of respect(or lack of) that we give our physical and spiritual body's say a lot about us... and both of you show a degree and respect for your own and each others bodies and souls that is very evident... even without words.

For you both are truly "... Bound by gravity and light."

For you both...I truly give my best...

Angela Hardy


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Angela Hardy said...

Thank you so much for sharing :) Krista,
You and Renee were truly a joy and a journey to paint. Scotts poems are spell binding and truly paint a picture of what I was feeling about you both.. Thank you Scott!!!! All three of you are truly blessed to be so bound together :)