Monday, March 1, 2010

Do what makes you feel ALIVE - solutions for a hard day

One thing that has always worked for me during the toughest times is coming back to the stuff that makes me feel alive:

* Training... the harder the better
* Eating... the cleaner and more taste bud stimulating the better
* Fun... finding my best friends and just laughing until it hurts
* Art... pulling out the paint, brushes and canvas and not caring if it looks like anything or if anyone else will like it
* Writing... journalling is a conversation with yourself and often stuff will flow out that you didn't even know you were thinking. Let it out rather than keeping it in is what makes us feel alive as caged emotions are unhealthy.
* Exploring... just go somewhere - anywhere - and explore. Might be a road you never knew existed in your community, a new walking trail or a quaint coffee shop.

Time to live and get out of the confines of your mind and stop the ongoing mental traffic jams.

My best advice is this:
Focus on how you want to FEEL not how you currently feel. Anytime a negative thought or feeling comes in, acknowledge it and replace it with a good thought and feeling.

Keep doing this. It takes practice. It's my "secret" and now it's yours too.


Anonymous said...

I so need this right now. Nice timing, Krista!

KristinaHS said...

It's like you know just what advice I need even when I haven't talked to you in like a month.

Back on the road to feeling alive & thriving :) xoxo