Sunday, February 14, 2010

Think Outside the Box...of chocolates

To no surprised, both myself and my husband life "The" lifestyle.

We schedule life around healthy habits such as consistent, intense exercise and properly timed and combined meals.

Holidays are no exception.

Clearly Krista's husband does NOT celebrate Valentine's Day with booze and box of chocolates.

We celebrate but we do it Defining Edge style.

Too often we associate holidays with excess alcohol, inactivity and poor food choices or simply too much food.

On Friday night Pete and I first stopped in at Starbuck's for a duppio espresso with cream before heading to the Chedoke Stairs (290 steps) and took a leisurely yet challenging walk up and down them.

The air was crisp and all that we could hear was the sound of a nearby waterfall. It was a gentle workout but beautful and we enjoyed each other's company.

Next stop was Lemongrass Restaurant where we shared grilled chicken skewers in a satay sauce and mango salad.

No commercial chocolates for us. We are beyond that and we hope to inspire and educate you to be also.

Looking forward to hearing your non-traditional ways of celebrating this "lovely" weekend.

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