Thursday, July 19, 2012

PART 3 - Mini Coop - Solid in Body, Mind & Spirit

My Life After Lean Eating:
Amazing. Different. Meaningful. Scary. Fun. Exciting. Adventurous. Proud.
Those are some ways I can describe my life now. From a physical and body composition point of view, I am stronger, leaner and more muscular than ever. The pictures can show how I look on the outside. But, that pales in comparison to what has happened on the inside.

Thanks to Lean Eating and Precision Nutrition, I have clarity and purpose. I am strong in body and in mind. I have learned what it means to be truly healthy. Being healthy is not merely clocking how many hours you spend working out – it is how you nourish yourself with love, relationships, spirituality, career, and nutrition. I have the utmost respect for my body and for the environment and I choose to eat and live responsibly for both. I have started local discussion groups to increase awareness surrounding health issues that are plaguing our country, and have become involved with various non-profit organizations that are trying to positively impact the well-being of our people and our planet.

Professionally, I have decided to turn my passion into a career. In March I left my position as Director of Rehab Services to pursue fitness and nutrition coaching full time and hope to have my website and business fully up and running early fall.
In order to help me achieve this goal, I have become Precision Nutrition Certified and am currently enrolled in a year-long Health Coaching certification course through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I encourage all of you to stay strong, give this program everything you have and never lose faith in yourself. Keep an open mind - you never know to what extent your life will be transformed!

Jen Cooper
minicooper13 (PN User Name)

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