Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lean Eating Again? I say, why not!

I have had quite a few questions the last few days about my thoughts on former clients joining LE July 2012.

Here are my thoughts

Well big YES! Why? Well LE has evolved the last few years in amazing ways just as you have.

Darn cool video I just looked at :-) - cool timing! http://www.precisionnutrition.com/lean-eating-presale-list
It has change a SLEW since you were involved last. Krista Scott Dixon is at the healm of the Lean Eating lesson planning and we have $25,000 in prizes to hand out (and then some!). It's the same price - $99 a month - and it's 50 weeks.

We have found it is much better giving people the time to make real "inside out" kind of change. Heck I have learned SO much from the new program! I follow along and I have lost 8 lbs during this cohort and I wasnt' even trying to. Just following along. So cool. And I found out things about myself and my eating I nevehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifr realized before. Proof that you never stop learning and evolving.

And of course we still provide workouts but they have a new architect. - designed by Geoff from Bang Fitness in Toronto. The workouts are brilliant. My body is so fluidly functioning now... I used to have lots of issues and pains. I guess I just needed someone with a Kin background to design my workouts and put me in my place. I am still strong, but different strong :-)

I say, why not girl! :-)


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idv8 said...

Hi Krista!

I was a part of the 2nd installment of the Lean Eating program several years ago. It was 6 months long and full of excellent lessons and great workouts. I learned a lot but didn't get everything out of it that I could've because life got in the way.

So last June I debated long and hard whether to sign on again for the now 1-year July 2011 Lean Eating program. It seemed like a long commitment (it is). It scared me a little (that's good). I didn't want to rehash what I'd done and I sure didn't want to blow it. A Lean Eater from the previous year convinced me it would be perfect for me so I signed up.

One year later I'm blown away at how transformative this journey has been. The change between the original program and this new one is drastic. The interface created for our home page, lessons, statistics, and so on is incredible and makes completing the lessons so motivating! The way the habits are rolled out is effective and ingenious.

My advice to anyone interested is that you will only get out of it what you're willing to put in. In order to succeed (whatever that might mean to you), an investment in time and a willingness to look inside yourself and change old habits is essential. For those who join the program and stay open, the rewards are far beyond anything you can imagine.

Wishing an incredible journey to all who sign up!

Thanks Krista for all that you are and do!