Sunday, November 13, 2011

It is NEVER to late to face your fears

Hi Krista,

Here are my thoughts on recent Difficult-Difficult that I tackled:

Photo Shoot

I was part of the Lean Eating 2010 group and decided not to do my photo shoot assignment in the time frame the assignment requested. I recently completed the assignment Oct 8th and felt like a million bucks doing it!!!!

In trying to process why it took me so long I came across these answers:


a) I'm a perfectionist....I have an all or nothing mentality. I struggle frequently with just letting things be or the best they can be for the 'moment'. Many of my goals and intentions get derailed or go uncompleted because I want the outcome to be perfect. My most important learning from LE is that health and fitness, the person I want to be is a journey. How I respond to the bumps, curves and uphill climbs ARE where the greatest learning will take place. Pushing past the difficult-difficults are where the fruits of my labors are realized. AMAZING how I've learned that the destination is not the is the launching pad for the next journey and the next set of difficult-difficults - it's a life long journey.

b) Fear. I was afraid to be disappointed. I had specific expectations of what my measurement should be, my body weight, my body fat percentage and what the picture should look like. Months in advance of the photo shoot I was already developing a backup plan. I was setting myself up for failure already. I was discounting the hard work put into the workouts. I was protecting myself from the fall, even before there could be a fall. If I didn't like what I saw, how could I recover from it, would I fall completely off the wagon, would I binge or use food as the comfort? I know now, that I didn't want to face dealing with those emotions so I pushed them back by not 'going through' my difficult-difficult


Meeting the wonderful ladies and coaches of LE in Niagara June 2011 at the LE Gathering. What an AWESOME experience, uplifting to the core! I realized at the brief day and a half gathering that "cheerleading does not make you" (Krista Schaus). If I signed up to be on the team, come ready to play! Secondly, "underestimating leads to underachieving" (Gino Arcaro) - if I'm dressed to play, play to WIN!

Everyone there, LE coaches and LE women were so open about their journey, truly genuine and so willing to pay it forward. Renee Willis sharing her story, she was not afraid to allow us into to her core being. She walked us through her darkness and vulnerabilities as if I was the only one in the room with her. These were the same women in our forums!!!! How could I not WIN with so many people sharing their stories so I can learn from their journey.

P.S. The photo shoot demo WITH the music ROCKED!! That is the only thing I wished I had at my is truly a reflection of one's soul.


Change IS uncomfortable! I went through many sessions of positive self talk!....., set yourself up so it is difficult for you to back out.

Tell people your goals.
For me this shoots the accountability factor way UP! I want to be a woman of my words. I had an LE friend email me about my shoot to followup, crazy how these LE woman can hold you accountable!

THE ADRENALINE RUSH IS UNBELIEVABLE. I was on a natural high for weeks, the day of the photo shoot, the day the photographer loaded the proofs, the day I received the disk AND today as you are reading this because I CAN PAY IT FORWARD.

Thank you Krista for allowing me to share, I hope your Iron Phoenix team can use my story to help in some way on a part of their own journey.

Annie Kasper (akasper)

LE August 2010 - Team Barbelles

BEFORE (August 2010) & AFTER (October 2011)

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