Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From DIM Dosage to "Ask Why 5 Times"


I wondered if you could help me at all with a slight concern I have. I have supplemented with DIM achieved some fat loss results. I used a high dose of around 3 tablets 3 times a day as part of a strategy to cut my body fat down. My girlfriend saw how this had worked and herself decided to use 2 tablets twice a day.

She also saw positive results and decided to up the dose to 3 tablets twice a day with breakfast and dinner.

She also takes the contraceptive pill to stop her getting pregnant and her periods have always been regular, however when the cycle of contraceptive pills finished her period did not come, it is now just over a week late and I wondered if Dim can counteract the pill?

Can supplementing with DIM effect a females Menstrual cycle or the estrogens needed in females for optimum fertility?

What would you advise at this stage, we will take another pregnancy test and have booked a Doctors appointment but are also keen for your advice.

My girlfriend is 34 and hopes to have children next year and we wondered what your thoughts are on the best course of action from here?

Many thanks for any advice you can offer on this.


My simple response:

Consider the dosage for her. She is not the same gender or size as you thus would perhaps benefit from a lower dose:

Patients should expect to get therapeutic results taking DIM•AvailTM at the recommended dose of 1 to 2 soft gels per day taken with breakfast or dinner.
(Charles Poliquin)

My not so simple response:

Nice work with your goals and progress.

The simple answer to this question (Can Dim effect a females Menstrual cycle) is yes. Why? Well 2 reasons (which is where I will get to the not-so-simple stuff):

1) DIM is an estrogen modulator. It takes up the parking space so to speak for estrogen in the body and has a favorable impact on estrogen / androgen balance favoring the body to less estrogen dominance and brings androgen into a more favorable position (increased relative to estrogen)

2) Because of her informal study
:-)... she started taking DIM and missed a menstrual cycle. However for there to be cause for concern it would take 3-5 missed cycles to be deemed necessary of further investigation.

You need to keep in mind that when some sort of hormone balancing is the objective, the pendulum will swing all over. You basically are rocking the system... something may have been stuck and you dislodged it... now that estrogen / androgen ball is swinging. So it is over to the other side. If you allow it the time it is worthy of to truly balance (3-6 months... perhaps 2 years in some cases), that ball will land in a new middle (balanced) position.

Does this make sense?

I used to caution my BioSignature clients that things may get seemingly worse before they get better.

But that's not really the case - we simply started moving that ball of the pendulum which is a MUST for there to eventually be balance.

On that note, the thing that is more problematic from a hormonal imbalance perspective is oral contraceptives. Your gal may want to investigate other means of birth control that allow her hormone profile to be natural and healthy. Giving the body more / extra estrogen is not the best choice for women. We are becoming more and more educated and aware in this area.

Here is an article from Dr. John Berardi about birth control and progress.

And you may want to learn more from Dr Bryan Walsh about the synergy of hormones.

Lastly, Charles Poliquin is a big fan of DIM and you could learn more from him on the subject.

However, I would not be quick to blame DIM specifically or as a lone suspect. I always dig deeper and look to stuff like:

*SELF (root emotions, thoughts and feelings about self)

WE hold the answers to all our "problems" and imbalances deep within our self and at a much deeper level.

DIM may simply be working in partnership with many other physical and metaphysical stimuli and influences on the body.

Look at every thing... every angle... every facet of self to get to the ROOT of the issue or at least a 360 degree perspective before jumping to any conclusions.

Here is a good exercise.

Ask Why 5 Times

With your partner's permission and when feeling comfortable and open, start with a very simple and surface level question then keep giving the answer back in a question that is a why.


QU1 - Why is taking DIM important to you?

To get leaner and healthier

QU2 - Why is getting leaner and healthier important to you?

To look and feel my best and to be able to have a healthy baby

QU3 - Why is looking and feeling your best important to you?

(she pauses... tears start coming.. you do not interrupt her or say anything... just have supportive patient energy)
Because it makes me feel good about myself

QU3B - Why is having a healthy baby important to you?

(more tears... hard to answer... be patient... hand on her shoulder for a moment only)
Because I feel it is my time... I am worried I won't be a mother and it's a very strong part of me... I feel a pull to be a Mom. .... pauses a gain... (there is more)

QU4 - Why is it important to you to feel good about yourself?

... hard to answer.... the truth is close... "Because I don't... I always feel that I am not worthy... not good enough... need to be more, to be leaner, to be more accomplished. I don't feel quite ME yet."

QU4B - Why is it important to you to be a good mother?

So I can be the Mom for my child that my Mother could not be for me.


We are getting somewhere... the truth. The CORE truth. Truth capital T.

"So what I am hearing is that you don't feel worthy... you don't feel good enough and you were lacking things from your Mother when you were younger. Does this sound about right? Would you like to talk more about both of those? Let's start with your Mom when you were younger and our childhood."

Supplements are important but the Truth is more important. You can be a great partner by not only helping her with her nutritional needs and supplement strategy, but helping her unlock the mysteries of her True Self and her deep level needs.

Hope this helps in some way.




Anonymous said...

Hi, Krista :) I found your blog as I was looking for info on DIM dosage. I was delighted to find your multi-dimensional approach to something like a missed period. I really appreciate your bringing the wisdom of the holographic experience out to people in such a grounded way. Great job!

Kaleid Oscope said...

Nice blog and approach. Just wanted to clarify what DIM is actually doing in the body. It isn't a 'place holder' for estrogen. It actually enables a healthy metabolism of estrogen v. an unhealthy metabolism. There are two metabolic pathways. One is a 2 hydroxy pathway (healthy) and the other is a more complicated 17 hydroxy pathway (unhealthy). This switch from an unhealthy metabolic pathway to a more healthy pathway reduces the amount of 'bad estrogens' being stored in the liver and recirculated in the blood. Therefore, the estrogen levels are actually reduced. This is drop in estrogen levels is what causes a delayed period. I'm looking into cycling DIM in order to help regulate a menstrual cycle myself. If you have any information on cycling DIM for hormone balance, I'd be interested. Also, in my research I have discovered that assisting the liver in detoxification (where estrogens build up and then get recirculated) by supplementing calcium d-glucarate with a lower dose of DIM could also help with hormone regulation. Jarrow makes a formula that contains both. I am also supplementing with glutathione which is an antioxidant that supports the liver. Cheers.