Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carb Drunkeness Confessions - POST HALLOWEEN

Halloween - How did you fare on the GOOD, BETTER, BEST Scale?

I enjoyed a few of my favorites on Sunday (Reeces Peices) and had one cup cake the day before that was pretty heavenly and immediately induced a wave of carb drunkeness.

But applying "good, better, best" measuring stick, this year was much better in that I struck a healthy balance.

I feel that a handful of Reeces Peices and a cupcake over the course of 2 days was a normal indulgence from a mindful Lean Eating coach. VICTORY!


- It was premeditated and planned.
- I felt very in control of my choices.
- I also accepted (and totally expected) the bump up on the scale the following day and the evidence of an imbalance of healthy flora (I get little bumps like pimples on the inside of my nose when I eat too much sugar... dates set it off big time).

Strike a balance between good and evil (bacteria) with BioK


- I countered with an entire container of Bio-K (1/4 is the recommended serving), a Clean Slate mentality and an exceptional eating day on Monday.
- I also decided to focus on increasing my compliance nutritionaly from about 80% to 90% for the next phase (2 weeks at a time is my "look ahead")

Busting a move to break out of the 80's and get into the 90's

Today is November 1st - the 4th Quarter of the Lean Eating Game!

So let's empty the closet and dump any confessions of a Carb Drunk Lean Eater, post Halloween and JUMP ON and JUMP IN the "go for it!" movement with me.

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