Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sexy People Eat Dried Plums!

When you think of prunes you think of old wrinkley people (who look much like prunes) sitting down to a glass of prune juice at their morning breakfast of all bran and grapefruit because it helps them "stay regular".

Don't deny it - we associate prunes with old people.

My goal is to change that and to improve the image of the prune. I am officially making a statement that SEXY PEOPLE EAT PRUNES and that they are the official sexy food of the new decade.


Prunes realized that they were being picked last for the team and often overlooked so they started the image change campaign well before I got on the cause. They are actually the dried version of Eurpean plums, so when asked what you are eating, say "dried plums" and you won't be accused of being an old fart or suspected of suffering from a slow digestive system.


High in phenols, an antioxidant that has been shown to help prevent oxygen-based damage to fats and since every cell of our body is surrounded by fat, this is a rather significant benefit.

Excellent source of Vitamin A (beta carotene)which further compounds the prune's ability to protect us from oxygen-related cell damage. Beta-carotene acts as a fat-soluble antioxidant,eliminating free radicals that would otherwise cause a lot of damage to our cells and cell membranes.

1/4 cup of prunes (I mean dried plums) provides over 300 mg of potassium. The effectiveness of potassium-rich foods like prunes in lowering blood pressure has been demonstrated by a number of studies.

Prunes are already known for being a great source of dietary fiber, specifically soluble fibre, supplying 12% of the daily value for fiber in a 1/4 cup. Soluble fibre not only helps your digestive system but also helps stabilize blood sugar levels by delaying the absorption of glucose following a meal. Not to mention their ability to increase your feeling of satisfaction following a meal.

It's time to change your perception of prunes starting from the name - dried plumbs are fibre dense nutritional nuggest that can increase your insulin sensitivity, protect cell membranes and serve as an effective weight loss and management tool.

The only connection I will allow to make to old age, is if you START including prunes in your diet NOW, you WON'T look like a prune later.


Bot said...

Krista, thank you for helping me embrace my sexy :-). I had two dried plums today. I don't know why I thought I didn't like dried plums. The two I ate were very tasty.

LizN said...

Sexy people eat dried plums, not plumbs (unless you're talking plumbing)
sorry, I'm a spelling nut.

Krista Schaus - Strength Coach said...

You rock Liz... I'm on it!That's funny!