Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do You Fear the Wrong Fat?

Which will help you get leaner and healthier? THIS?


Are you fearing the wrong fat?

Yesterday I overhead someone saying they didn't want the cashew chicken stir fry because it was "too high in fat. Cashews are fattening.", and proceeded to order the Chicken Quesedilla instead. The waiter asked "keep the cheese?". He apparently didn't understand her thinking either. "Yup! Keep the cheese."


I have heard this before from many people... olive oil, nuts and seeds, avacado, salmon, coconut oil - "Oh, they are too high in fat!" as they eat their snack of a protein bar (7 grams of saturated and hydrogenated fats).

So let's clear something up - fats in their natural form are VERY GOOD FOR YOU and GOOD for fat loss.

Replace your commercially prepared "light" foods and your dairy, protein bars, cereal bars and daily lattes with olive oil, flax, nuts/seeds and coconut milk and let the results in the way you look and feel be the judge.

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