Friday, November 13, 2009

Harvest of Haldimand

I was very pleased to find the Harvest of Haldimand Guide at my local library last week.

The guide provides listings and contact information for local farms and restaurants that support local food.

About a year ago I had a conversation with an aestetician at a local spa that it would be great if we had a booklet or online resources to get local foods. This came about as we were talking about the benefits of the 100-Mile Diet concept. We went as far as to brainstorm about how to put such a thing together.

Well I pretty much forgot all about it until I saw my vision in real life. Ok, I didn`t do anything but dream it up. But clearly someone else had too - Haldimand County to be exact. Well done Haldimand County! And also accolades goes out to all our local producers, suppliers and supporters of the local food movement.

You can visit online at or find your guide at many establishments throughout Haldimand County such as:

Haldimand County offices
The Sachem
The Haldimand Press
Regional News This Week
Library Branches

Most importantly start supporting and visiting our local farmers, providers of agri-tainment and restaurants that support local farming.

Some of my personal favorites:

Twisted Lemon Restaurant at 3 Norton Street Cayuga - you must try their grilled vegetable and goat cheese salad. Their desserts are also to die for. Learn more about their menu and events. They will make you re-define dining as their motto suggests.

Flyer`s Cafe at 144 Queen Street Dunnville. Flyer`s has an exquisite bakery selection of fresh breads and pies. What makes them extra cool is that they are huge supporters of the arts bringing in local and international talent for your enjoyment at a very affordable price. Enjoy the food, the sounds, the environment and often the art exhibits on display.

Muddy Lane Maple Syrup at 4516 Rainham Road, Selkirk - Make sure to mark your calendar for their annual maple syrup festival (end of March or early April) where you can sample and purchase local maple syrup, take a ride through the sugar bush on horse and cart wit the kids and enjoy the local beauty.

Richardson`s Corn Maze & Farm Market at 131 River Road Dunnville. will provide you with seasonal hours so you can plan your trip to experience the best that our community has to offer from the pumpkin patch or corn maze to local berries, corn, jams and maple syrup.

The Potting Shed at 44 Haldimand Road 17 Dunnville. You will not regret visiting this award winning garden center. You can go as far as choosing your own variety of hostas. They make a very special and long lasting gift for special occasions. Let the bride or groom name their own hosta variation. Truly one of a kind. They also have an amazing selection of ornamental grasses. Learn more at

So again thank you Haldimand County and sponsors of the Harvests of Haldimand Guide. You saved me work - and honestly I would not have done nearly as good of a job!

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