Sunday, November 16, 2008

Peaking Plan Almost Perfected

I took home the overall award at the London OPA Level II Championships with the assistance of a nearly perfect peaking plan. I went lower in my carbs and calories the week prior to the show and started carbing up Friday morning with 40 grams of carbs and 25 to 40 grams of protein each feeding. Plus Friday evening I loaded with 2 fat / carb / protein meals of steak, potato and some sort of dessert. I was happy with my "fullness" and vascularity upon waking Friday AM but the vascularity was short lived and my degree of lean / dry / tightness were much less impressive than what I saw Friday AM before my carb meals.

So I have one last opportunity this weekend coming at the UFE's Invitational to put all my experience of the last six contests this year together for, what I am hoping, will be my best physique yet.

This contest I came in my leanest and driest looking while having more size and symmetry overall.

Is it ever "perfect"? In this sport, that is the negative - we can always see the imperfections on one hand and on the other hand we are always given opportunities to take it to the next level and further improve.

Pictured is me with my competition from the Overall. She placed first in the lightweight Level II Open. She was ultra impressive as she reportedly (as she told me) lost over 100 lbs and started at 42% body fat. I told her what she has accomplished goes far beyond anything I ever have or will. She should be very proud. A true role model!

Just ONE MORE to go this year. Must stay focused! Hope to see some of you at the UFE MVP Invitational in Hamilton on the 22nd. Evening MVP prejudging is at 6 pm.

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