Sunday, November 23, 2008

End of 2008 Season... W00t!

Krista Rounds out 2008 Competitive Season as UFE MVP Quest Female Bodybuilding Champion

Kim Emmons (3rd), Krista Schaus (1st), Sue Cornwell (2nd)

UFE MVP Quest Category Champions with UFE & MVP Nutrition Reps

What a great way to end the 2008 competition season! I was ultra impressed with what Sean Everingham and the UFE organization have done in such a short period of time. They have been in operation just over a year now and they have managed to bring professionalism, integrity and a great team of industry players to their contests to make it a contest that athletes, fans and industry participants should mark on their calendars for 2009. This organications and these events will only get bigger and more competitive. They also walk the walk regarding promoting natural, drug-free events. I competed in the UFE Spring Bash in April and was tested. They also tested a number of competitors last night based on a number of factors (from random to suspected) and they stated that two competitors failed the drug test from October's recently Halloween Mayhem event.

The caliper of competitors especially in figure, fitness model (both male and female) was stellar. The abs, legs and overall symmetry and poise from the female figure competitors were top notch - some of the best I have seen on stage and in magazines.

I am very excited about the one year MVP Nutrition sponsorship being the supplement junkie that I am. Plus I feel strongly that, as a natural competitor, supplements are absolutely essential. This will help my budget considerably and free up finances for free range, organic, grass fed meats for my next competition preparation phase. I feel there my physique benefits from eating free range (I know it does!) organic meats versus commercial meats but sometimes I have to pick my battles financially.

Many thanks to Sean, UFE, MVP Nutrition, my friends, clients, my husband and #1 fan Pete, my family, my training partner and "my person" Renee, the Precision Nutrition community and my physique coach Frances Mania for an unbelievable 2008 season.

Also special thanks to my sponsors:

Kvedaras Chiropractic & ART in Hamilton (905.527.6250) - Aras you are a miracle worker! If you have been going for ART or chiropractic treatments forever and have not been "fixed" you have not been to Aras yet obviously. Make an appointment - you will have wished you knew about him sooner. Well the secret is out now.

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Amy Marr of Natural Health Therapies (905.776.0999) from Selkirk - thank you for keeping my balanced and reminding me why I do what I do and that winning is just a side benefit not the objective. If you are not familiar with the benefits of Reiki and other amazing healing services Amy offers, book an appointment. I guarantee it has the potential to change your life.

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LizN said...

Congratulations Krista - Lisa and I have been discussing your prep and your photos - really think you dialled it in much better this week. It's such a game of trial and error but I think you did yourself proud this week.
Liz N

Anonymous said...

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