Friday, November 14, 2008

Accomplishing Mission Impossible - 10 lbs in 10 days

Side Pec

I have lost 10 pounds in 10 days to accomplish my goal of coming in at 124 lbs for the London OPA Level II bodybuilding contest. Today, I am 1 day out and at the end of my depletion phase and starting my carb / fat loading today.

When I first started preparing for shows in the early part of this year, my coach ( set out an objective for me to come in at 125 lbs / 5% body fat. I laughed and scratched that to 130 lbs. My lack of beleif in coming in just 5 lbs lighter was what was holding me back from bringing my best, most conditioned, ripped and lean physique to the stage. It has taken me 6 contests to get there mentally and physically - but that is what it takes - experience. You will not and cannot bring your best package forward in one or even two shows.

And the cool this is, if you prepare properly and get very intune with your body and its needs every day, every meal, every workout, every contest prep phase, you CAN compete many times in a year and not disrupt your health, happiness and hormones. You SHOULD improve each time and it should get easier, not harder, to get conditioned and contest ready each subsequent event.

Here are my pics from this morning at 124.6 lbs, 4.7% body fat (from BioSignature 12 point calipers taken by my coach on Wednesday). As you can see, I am quite flat, which is really the objective of the depletion phase. I will fill up and fill out the muscles today through properly timed, combined and chosen foods.

Back Double Bicep - 1 day out - end of depletion phase

The event is at Centennial Hall in London. Prejudging is at 11:00 am and the evening show starts at 6:30 pm. Look forward to seeing you there. My goal is to qualify for Provincials next year. This is not my lastshow of the year however - I will compete just 1 week later in Hamilton's UFE MVP Championships at Mohawk College. I will THEN be officially done. Can't think too far in advance however... staying focused on each day, each contest, each meal.

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Lisa said... rock K.

Can't wait fort the comp pics.

ss2306 said...

Holy shit Batman!

Good luck Krista.

Nicole P said...

WOW! Awesome! Good Luck and enjoy your time up on stage! Nicole xx