Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poised versus Posed

Physique is a game of smoke and mirrors.

We have many different looks and bodies that we can present - it's a choice and the different is in the posing.

You too can make your body look leaner, taller, thinner and overall more confident by how you hold yourself.

I challenge you to practice 3 looks:

1) PISSED - Regular you - Ì will call `pissed` as most people will have poor posture and a furrowed brow from too much stress and negativity

2) POISED - stand taller and tighter, looking more positive

3) POSED - call upon your inner physique athlete and strike a few poses. Flex muscles and give a big smile. Exhale all your air and make your tummy as flat as possible (yes, exhale - not inhale)

And the next time you see a figure model in a magazine or physique competitor on stage, remember the smoke and mirrors. You too can make your physique looks it's best just by the way you hold your body and the pose you chose to take.

Proper nutrition and exercise is absolutely a must but beyond that your posture and posing can separate the good from the great from the elite.


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