Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blonde Bombers Unite

One of my favorite classic bodybuilders is Dave Draper.

His physique, his dedication to the iron, his presence, personal and poise - I admire and related to them all.

In an article with he states:

competition stood between me and the relief of hoisting the iron — the private exertion, the pure delight, and the daily fulfillment of building muscle and strength.

This quote resonated within me as if they were my words - because they are.

I compete in powerlifting because I love lifting.

I compete in bodybuilding because I love building a lean and mean physique.

I don't really like competing that much.

I like the journey and don't care about the destination.

I have written about this in may ways and for many years - it's not about collecting trophies.

You can read Lessons on True Progress from the early 2000's, written for Natural Strength or Winning Essentials from the end of the decade for Precision Nutrition and my principles ring clear.

If you are in it to WIN IT, you are not really in it. You have to be in it to WIN in the game of life. And in this game you never really win and you never stop playing but we love the pursuit. And the trophies are given not gotten.


I hear you Dave!

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Claudine said...

Great article Krista, thank you!

... and YOUR picture... OH MY GOD!!!!!! :)