Monday, April 12, 2010

Defining Edge Powerlifting Brings Home Hardware from Nationals

Defining Edge athletes, Sonja Bedic (75 kg Open), Ashley Werner (67.5 kg Junior) and Carol Brady (67.5 kg Master III) all brought home medals from the 2010 CPU National Powerlifting Championships held in Quebec City April 7th to 11th.

Their accomplishments are even more amazing considering it was their first national championships, they were up against some impressive competition and it was a particularly harsh day on the platform with very strict judging.

Carol Brady of Caledonia brought home gold and established National and Provincial records in the Master III category with a 95 kg (209 lbs) squat, a 47.5 kg (105 lbs) bench press and 92.5 kg (203 lbs) deadlift for a personal best total of 235 kg. Carol is now looking forward to the 2011 IPF Masters Worlds hosted by Niagara in Fall 2011.

Pictured: Ashley Werner attempting 155 kg squat

Ashley Werner of Jarvis stood at the top of the podium in the 67.5 Junior division with an amazing 142.5 kg (314 lbs) squat, 85 kg (187 lb) bench press and 145 kg (321 lb) deadlift, totalling 375.5 kg. All of those lifts are Provincial Junior records in Ontario!

Sonja Bedic of Simcoe should be very proud of her bronze finish in the 75 kg Open division as she had to battle to secure the third place in a very competitive class. Her 130 kg (286 lb) squat, 57.5 kg (126 lb) bench press and 135 kg (297 lb) deadlift got her to the medal platform and also a personal best total of 322.5 kg.

Coach Krista Schaus, a Canadian powerlifting champion and record holder, chose not to compete in the recent National championship to devote her energy and attention to her athletes. She commented, ``I am so proud of the strength they have gained, both physically and personally through their powerlifting preparations. Some of the most memorable and life altering movements I have experienced in this sport over the past decade have taken place in the past 10 months coaching these insprigin women.``

Krista would like to extend her congratulations to all of these amazing ladies and also a special thank you to assistant coach, Pete Koning and supporter Ruth Smith

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The Defining Edge Powerlifting team will be taking some well earned time off from the competitive heavy lifting and focusing on general strength and fitness over the next few weeks. You can watch Defining Edge powerlifting on the platform at the London Open May 15th and the Niagara Open August 21st in the more near future. To learn more about Defining Edge go to


LizN said...

Congratulations to your athletes Krista. I love the new header. I want one of those T Shirts!

Liz N

Krista Schaus - Strength Coach said...

We got the shirts at Arnolds a few years ago but I think it's worth making some of our own!