Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tips for Cardio Haters

Question from a Lean Eating Participant (, where I am a Lean Eating Coach.

I HATE cardio!!

Anyone else?


I...have a(IRL) trainer, and he's making me do 30min 'challenging,' cardio after my training sessions...I HATE IT, LOL!! if the stupid cardio doesn't do it, then what gives?! I've probably done every program imaginable..

I know nutrition is key, but I've always felt it was the exercise that is holding me back..kind of the opposite of most.. The funny thing is that I just got my PT cert in NOV, and I really really want to start work this I'll be 30 This is my year, damn it!! I just don't want to fail...

Thanks for letting me get that out!

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LOVE what you HATE!
I hate cardio too... but often the thought of it is more repulsive than doing it.

Here's how I get my cardio in... which is not often, because I have found ways around my lack of love for cardio. But here are my tactics.

1) Love what you hate... when I do take on something I do not like (like broccoli, cardio, early morning or late night workouts...) I take them with avengance. I am determined to NOT let my hate of something beat me and I beat it. Like bodybuilding.... hated it so I did it and I am CRUSHING IT ... and now loving it. Broccoli... yuck! So I found recipes and ways to prepare it so I love it and now I can do it steamed, plain and say "yum, this tastes sweet now".

2) Train SO hard that you feel compelled to do PW cardio. Last night my training was so intense all I wanted to do was drag my ass to the treadmill and walk on it. I needed to. And it felt good and necessary. I am aiming for that from here on in during my contest prep... If I am not mindlessly dragging my ass to do cardio after I train, I did not do my training justice.

3) Do HIIT... I do not consider HIIT "carido" in my mind. It is hard core training. It is meant to be HIGH INTENSITY bursts followed by low low intensity recovery. Just like my weight training! So I hate it less.

I hope my pathetic means of getting around my own hate of cardio, help you on your journey.

Any others have tidbits to share, because we BOTH would benefit here .

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