Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Degrees of Focus...

UFE MVP Quest pictures courtesy of Chris Linton. A higher level of focus is required to take my physique beyond this previous best.
I have 5 lbs to lose in 5 days... and that requires a significant degree of focus.

132 today... 3 more days and 3 more pounds.

The degree of focus required to make transformations (of any kind) is significant... well beyond what most would expect.

Those that are "doing all the right things" and not making progress are simply to at that degree of focus required.

Sharpen your view.

Remove distractions.

The goal should be the main focus and everything else just swirls around it in the background. The goal is everything. It is on your mind at all time. It is felt constantly. It is ever present within and radiating out.

It is like a bowl of warm soup and a warm blanket and a wave of sound all at the same time. All around and all within - ever present.

You never lose your focus. Not for a moment or it is lost to you and you to it.

Where is your focus and how strong and constant is it?


LizN said...

Hey Krista,
Keep it going - I don't know why I always get stuck at 130 either but keep your focus and your belief and you will break through - it's a matter of WHEN rather than IF.

Liz N

Anonymous said...
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