Friday, May 9, 2008

Why I Do What I Do...

Valuable (Priceless!) Feedback from the Precision Nutrition Community

This is a post reply from Precision Nutrition where I am a Team Member and have a blog. A PN Member offered me these very kind words at just the right time... sometimes when I get really busy I can lose sight of why I do what I do. This was a timely and not coincidental reminder to just keeping doing what I am passionate about and listen to my heart. That approach has yet to fail me.

Krista, I just want to thank you for all you give to this wonderful PN community. I feel that you are a true example of a person who talks through her heart and shares her passion for life and this lifestyle just by being who she really is. I have enjoyed your posts and your articles on the Defining Edge website a great deal and have learned valuable lessons.

I think it's really refreshing how much you talk about the power of the mind. I think it's the ultimate core of every champion's success. And I believe that through a right kind of mindset you can accomplish any task you begin. Sometimes it just takes time before the goals and thoughts share the same frequency - maybe that is the reason why so many times the projects we begin never reach the real goal. We're not ready for it. I remember this one saying, "your body is reflective of what's inside." Maybe it's impossible to look good / lean / whatever the goal is unless the mind feels you're there already?

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